How I used social media in my journey as an entrepreneur…

One of my friends is a guy named Jonathan Quek. He’s a professional speaker who makes a living giving seminars that people pay to attend just to learn from what he knows.

Sometime a few months ago he sat across me at The Barn and wanted to know more about my social media experience. How I had used social media in entrepreneurship to help level the game when it came to  business. So I told him whatever I knew in my past 10 years of social media experience ranging from the days of Friendster to Twitter to Plurk and well today’s Instagram and Snapchat generation.

After hearing all that he said “Why is it you have never shared this with anybody?”.

My reply was that I didn’t think anyone would be interested and besides I’m not a professional speaker. That though was precisely why he thought I should do it and why people would listen. So he asked me who else had used social media very prominently to help him in business and I named a few… one of them being Bryan Loo of Tealive.

Bryan happened to be a good friend of ours so Jonathan went to speak to him and asked him if he would be a part of a talk we would put together. Bryan happily agreed. Just like me he thought it would be fun. So this is what we put together.


Click here to learn more or to check out more details.

I’ve used digital (not just social) media so much for business. Even when it comes to Colony. All the hype we’ve been getting, the press coverage and even the fact that we’re on the first page of Google whenever anyone searches “Coworking space KL” is no accident. The results have been really powerful. The organic effects of all this work has driven more leads and more cost efficient leads than all the ads we could buy.

But speaking about it… that’s a whole different thing altogether. I can’t help but feel somewhat nervous about it. Somewhat worried that… hey what if what I had to say wasn’t that important or meaningful after all.

Well we’re a few weeks away and at the very least I think I’ll have fun. Heck the 3 of us are friends… so at the very least it’ll be all of you guys hanging out with 3 friends.

I asked Jonathan if he could give Bryan and I a promo code so that we could give like a 50% discount for our followers and he gave this to me.

So if you want to sign up click on the link above and go ahead


and sign up.

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