How a girl born into a homeless family in KL worked to become a lawyer

Just yesterday I discovered a Dayre blog that really inspired me. It was about a girl who was born into a homeless family who literally lived off the streets of KL. Here’s an excerpt of her entry.

“I wasn’t born into a rich family. When I was born, (and I was the first child) my mom used to tell me that we had no roof over our heads and we were homeless living by the streets. My mom said as a baby, I survived on free sample milk powder she got from clinic to clinic. 

My mom said that things were so bad she had to drink tap water from public toilets back then and my napkins/diapers were changed there as well.

They had a pram, and I was pretty much in that pram pushed all around town. My parents weren’t from kl, and when they did come down to kl they had the most difficult time making ends meet, with no connection/job prospect/offer from anyone whatsoever. 

After about 2 years they managed get a place in town, a small flat but sufficient for us at that time. But by that time 2 years had passed and my second sister was born.”

I can’t imagine what it must be like not just for her but her parents too. I can’t imagine bringing up Fighter while on the streets of KL, without a roof over my head. I guess my experience with Kechara Soup Kitchen has opened my eyes on how the homeless in KL live and just imagining living the life of a homeless person with a baby to take care of… it’s heartbreaking.

This entry affected me in two ways:

1) It made me realize how lucky I have been all my life. How whatever stress I face or have ever faced is nothing compared to the life she or many other people in that situation had ever lived. This story made me count my blessings.

2) It inspired me… that someone so close to home had her own “Pursuit of Happyness” story. It inspires me how people should never give up.

You can read the full story here.

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