How it feels to be married

Today marks exactly two months since Shorty and I got married.


I actually can’t believe that it’s only been two months. It surely feels a lot longer than that. This marriage thing just came by and hit me so quickly. Just a while ago I was talking to one of the Nuffies about whether she’s looking to married when she pointed out that she was only 24-25 and too young to think about married. I thought back about the time when I was 25 and I remember feeling the same way. Then just 3 years later I found myself married. Somehow that 3 years from the time you’re 25-28 changes your perspective of marriage significantly. Before that you tend to procrastinate. You think marriage is a long way ahead. Then one or two of your friends get married… and you think to yourself “Wow so fast?”.

And in the next 2-3 years that one or two starts becoming ten or twenty and before you know it… that is the number of weddings you will be attending in a year. Suddenly it will then hit you one day that marriage doesn’t really seem so far away. That it’s actually… pretty close.


Since I got married two months ago, the question I often get asked when I meet friends is

“So how’s married life?”.

I always just replied “It’s ok…” or “It feels the same”.

But today I decided to really sit down and think carefully about how married life is like. And here’s what it’s like so far.

– I miss the excitement of the uncertainty. I always wondered who the girl I would end up marrying would be like. Now I do know her… I miss the excitement of not knowing who she was but knowing that she was going to come into my life any time.

– I miss the excitement of being single too. You know how when you’re single and you go out and then you meet someone that you’re attracted to… there is the excitement of chasing that someone. The courting game you play where you make moves and she responds and when she does respond… wow does it feel awesome! That doesn’t happen anymore when you’re married.

But on the other hand….

– I love the way my bond with Shorty grew. I mean it’s not like we didn’t have a bond when we were dating for the almost 4 years till we got married but once you get married it’s like you know you’re in it with this person for the long run. Through sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, for anything good or bad that life throws at you, you will always have that someone that will always be on your side. That is a wonderful feeling. Knowing that no matter what, your husband/wife has got your back.

– Some people say marriage is where romance or love goes to die. Maybe we’re only 2 months in but I haven’t seen any of that yet. I still feel the same about Shorty as I did in the first day I met her. Just last week I was busy at work when I kicked back from my computer to take a break and think about Shorty. I missed her… even though I had woken up right next to her a few hours ago that very same morning… I missed her again.

– Shorty and I still make each other laugh a lot.


Last week we decided to count the number of times we made each other laugh in that one day. We didn’t count the little jokes. Only the big ones that made us laugh out loud. We counted 10 by the time we went to bed that night.

– I don’t feel scared of marriage anymore. Maybe because I’ve already done it hahaha.. but the truth is that up till the point I proposed I’ve always feared marriage and commitment. I now think marriage is cool!

– Shorty and I are still pretty independent of one another. In all my past relationships, whenever I travel away, I always had to call my girlfriend just before I went to bed to talk to her. Funny enough over the 4 years that Shorty and I have been together… we’ve never had that routine. She would go to Japan and leave me in KL and sometimes I would message her but days could go by where we never talked on the phone. When we eventually met up again though we always spent a good amount of time catching up on all that talk.

– Waking up with Shorty is still loads of fun every morning. I always wake up first and go to my study. When I come back into the bedroom she’ll be lying down checking Twitter on her phone but when she hears me she’ll immediately pretend to be asleep again.

– I still ask her sometimes “How did I end up with this Shorty ar?”. A question we ask each other quite a lot because physically we’re really not each other’s type.

So far… married life rocks. I wish we’ll always be like that.

Oh and  we still say “I love you”. Last time was just a few nights ago.

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