It’s more fun in the Philippines!

Today I learned that my blog is one of the few blogs my dear friend Eric Soong reads. So say HELLO ERIC SOONG!



Somewhere in the middle of this week I found myself in the air again!


Lilian,  my new assistant and I took a flight to Manila for the NuffnangX preview event there to twenty of the top bloggers in the Philippines. Of course…. since we were going there we took the chance to do some work with Nuffnang Philippines too and to have lunch with the team.


The team in Nuffnang Philippines now is 16 Nuffies strong. I still remember when we first invested into the Philippines back in 2008. Ming and I had taken whatever money we had earned and then put it all into the Philippines. The digital market in the Philippines at the time was small but we believed in it and we were blessed with finding good partners there. 4 years later it’s paying off. Nuffnang Philippines is one of the fastest growing companies in our group and that investment we made in 2008 paid itself back and more. Not just in monetary terms but in the friendships we’ve made and lessons we’ve learned.


Of all the Nuffies we have everywhere, I think in no other country do the Nuffies love to drink as much as the Nuffies in Nuffnang Philippines do. Every time I go there my liver gets punished a little. When I was at the Nuffnang Philippines office this time round though, I spotted this on one of the Nuffies’ chairs.


They actually made their own custom made Nuffnang letter jacket. Kinda reminds me of McKinley High in Glee. Heh now I feel like making one for the rest of the Nuffies too. The NuffnangX Blogger Preview there was really fun. Maybe it’s because I saw some familiar faces.. like Jane here who I met some few years ago.


The event was held at this cafe called the Big Bad Wolf. The Big Bad Wolf ladies & gentlemen is where I then had the best potato skins I’ve ever had in my life. Now I’ve been to loads of different places with different styles of potato skins but this one… was the best.


It was a little bit crispy but not too crispy… and a little salty. So yummy.

Almost as yummy as the steak I had the night before. Our partner Eric brought us out. Every time I go to the Philippines our partners there bring us out for awesome food.


The Nuffies on the other hand bring me out for drinks and to try weird food. The last time they tricked me into eating ox brain. Remember that?

Still the Philippines was loads of fun. For next year’s Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards we’re deciding whether to hold it in the Philippines or in Australia. The team in the Philippines is a bit worried about the daunting task if they were to host it next year. They want it to be hosted in Melbourne… but hey I told them… after all.. “It’s more fun in the Philippiness”.


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