Say Hello to the New Nuffnang 2012

3 years ago we came up with the Nuffnang site that we used all the way from then till today.

The thing about websites is that designs change rather quickly. So while we were really happy with this old layout, we knew it had run its life.

Picture 28

So this year we put a lot of effort into thinking what the new one should be like. It’s tough. Because there isn’t much to get inspiration from or copy from overseas. Sure there are blog ad networks in the US as well but we haven’t seen yet a company in the USA or UK that is a community-based blog ad network. So our site had to be a bit of a community based site and portray that bloggers can earn money from it.

So what a group of us Nuffies did was we all brainstormed about what Nuffnang really meant to us or bloggers. And here’s what we eventually realized it meant. Nuffnang has grown to a company that doesn’t just help bloggers earn money. It’s a lot more than that. It helps you meet other bloggers, uncover new opportunities that you can get as a blogger (movie screenings etc etc) or even help with the content of your blog by giving a blogger new experiences: whether in a community event or a new mobile phone review or even a trip overseas.

Nuffnang is like an add on to all bloggers in these countries we’re in. Bloggers have their cameras, their laptops, their mobile phones… and Nuffnang is what completes their blogging experience on top of that.

Picture 27

That’s what our new site is based on.

We also made it as simple as we could. It’s ironic how it can be so complicated to try to make something simple but I’m glad we finally got there.

I particularly like our About Us page.

So well done to the team of Nuffies that managed to pull this through!

What do you guys think of the new Nuffnang?

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