Propose like a boss

When Shorty and I first decided to blog about our little proposal, we knew we were going fairly public about it. We didn’t expect what happened next.

One night we realized that somebody had posted it on 9GAG and it was trending. The next morning, it made it to the front page of 9GAG where all the “HOT” posts are.

Picture 49


The title: “Meme usage in Malaysia“. There was no mention of my name but Shorty’s name in the signs wasn’t properly blurred out. So the whole world saw it.

After that we saw these pictures posted on Facebook walls or Twitter streams all over the world from as far as Russia. The honest truth was that our very first feeling… was a bit of fear. Being bloggers for years we’ve come to terms with something… that if you’re going to post something online, you’re going to get good comments and you’re going to get bad ones from trolls. So we didn’t dare to read any of the comments on the 9GAG post. Later on in the day though I decided to just do it. So I went through all the comments on our entry and I was surprised. Sure there were bad ones… but the good ones overwhelmed the bad ones. So I told Shorty that it was safe to go have a read and she had a good time reading it all.

Today the post on 9GAG has been tweeted 354 times, Facebook Shared 2,982 times and Liked 1,000 times.

It has 586 comments on it.

There were some mean ones like these.

Picture 48

And quite a number of comments saying commenting on my “lady hands” holding the sign up… HAHA

And there were also comments about how I had used some of the memes wrongly.

Picture 50

Picture 47

That it should’ve been “FLY, YOU FOOLS” not “RUN, YOU FOOLS”.

But among that were also some really wonderful comments. And here they are.

Picture 62

Picture 61

Picture 59

Picture 56

Picture 58

Picture 55

Picture 52

Picture 51

So thank you for all the nice comments everyone. They lit up my day.


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