Day 1 of a Little Unknown Dotcom

Today was the first day of work for me. I briefed both our new team mates about the project and what the business was going to be all about.

We met at the office boardroom at 8.45am sharp where they both sat down and listened as I paced around the boardroom explaining every detail to them

I have a bad habit of pacing when I think and it seems to help but it sometimes annoys my girlfriend so much that she tells me “PLEASE STAY STILL WHEN I TALK TO YOU” which translated into proper English means “SIT THE F*RK DOWN NOW”.

These days, my baby doesn’t even bother turning her head when talking to me. She just slaps her head down like this.
Anyway, back to what I was saying.

Both our new team members are years older than me so I had always feared there would be some issues with ‘taking orders’ from a young punk.

So the first request I made of them was

Please don’t look at me as your boss.
Look at me as your team mate.

I am too young to be your boss
but I am of the perfect age to be your team mate.

Yet, things seemed to be going all wrong on the first day of work.

The first thing that happened in the morning was the near explosion of our brand new 17 inch monitor that we bought and plugged in just last week. It was the computer assigned to Lee, our Head Web Developer.

When we turned on the computer, the monitor gave out loud repeated static sound like it was going to blow up taking all of us with it.

I blame it on Ming and his little smiley face when carrying the monitor around last week.

His boyish little smile was too much for a monitor to take.

Ladies, if you don’t want to self-combust, please don’t ever let Ming smile at you.

Shortly after we replaced Lee’s monitor with an old smaller monitor (so small that I could’ve sworn it was 2-inch and NOT a 14-inch as claimed by its cover), Lee’s computer started reacting funny.

When surfing around “My Computer”. Pressing the Left Ctrl button will lead to the entire window being closed and his web browser to pop up (so much for thinking that an Original copy of Windows with its constant updates will never have problems like this).

That I think was my fault.

I should’ve butt-smacked the damn PC a few times after I plugged it in last week.

Now on top of all these problems there was the mother of all problems.

Halfway working through the day, a power failure decided to find its way into my office building and the bright energetic office halted at a standstill.

So much for a great first day at the office.

But on top of all that, I took our new team mates for a good Japanese lunch hoping to break the ice and welcome them into the little dotcom we have set up.

It was certainly a lot more posh than the lunch the founders themselves normally have.

Take for example last week when Ming, Mohd Zacky and I went for our first dotcom lunch.

We had KFC and we barely talked so there was no bonding there.

Anti-Social Ming would be reading something off a piece of paper when I’m free to talk.
But when he’s finally free to talk, I get constantly interrupted by phone calls that sometimes make me wonder sometimes what a man’s gotta do these days to EAT HIS CHICKEN IN PEACE.
But at the end of all that of course… Ming and I managed to pose for a little picture with our best smiles.

Anyway, KFC was a luxury.

Normal lunches would have us eating Wan Tan Mee that costs RM2.50 per plate and living on biscuits when the hunger strikes later in the afternoon.

Anyone want to donate lunch money to the “Feed Stewie Foundation”?

Please send your cheques to

The Feed Stewie Foundation
Menara Bagilah Stewie Makan Ayam,
82, Jalan Kalau Boleh Tambah Juga Milo Ais Satu,
Daerah Milo Ais Kurang Manis Ar
12100 Penang,

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