Reminding Poor People That They Are Poor

Rich people sometimes need others to sometimes remind them that they’re rich.

Which is why sometimes they buy huge houses like this.

Since the knee-jerk reaction to anyone else seeing you with a house like this would be

In which the rich guy could then attempt to be humble and say
“No lar.. cheap cheap only this house. My bedroom is only a little bit bigger than that island you come from…. what’s it called again? Penang?”.

Now just like rich people… poor people like myself must also be reminded that we are poor so that we’ll feel more down and push ourselves off a cliff.

I came back from my tiring day at work yesterday, walked into my room and sat on my study table for a few seconds.

There it was, sitting on my table and staring right at me was an envelope with my name and address on it. I opened it only to find a letter from Citigroup Wealth Management.I thought to myself
“COOL!!! I have PRIVATE BANKERS managing my WEALTH!!!”

(Forgetting at that point that in order to have private bankers managing your wealth, I need to have wealth to manage first).

So I studied the contents of the letter and found this.
That’s right.

All the summary said was that my portfolio was worth RM 0.00 at current price.

Note that they could have said it was worth RM 0 but nooooo… they decided that they had to make a point by adding another two zeros at the end of that figure.

They might as well have said RM0.0000000.

So there you have it.

My imaginary private bankers reminding me that I am poor… and that I HAVE NO ASSETS.

I didn’t dare read the rest of the letter for fear that the back of the letter might say
“Since you are POOR and have NO MONEY and are WORTHLESS to us… please pay us a fee of RM500 for this letter that we have just sent you”.

Boss Stewie is POOR…

Boss Stewie Will Blog For Food

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Life in a Leetle Dotcom

Alright I’ve been a bit held up with work lately. Believe it or not, I’ve been learning how to do Accounting for my little dotcom.

No no nooo.. not the kind of accounting we did in Form 5 where we

I mean proper accounting.

Yes… it’s sad… our little dotcom is so poor, I’m the Sales, Marketing, Operations, HR and Finance guy all in one.
Just the other day somebody called my office. I picked up and heard the caller’s sweet voice “Hello… could you please put me to your HR department please?”

I paused for a moment while I thought about what she just said. It took me only 3 seconds to realise that I was also the HR so I told her

“HR Department? Please hold on a second miss. I’ll put you through right away”.

I put her on hold and counted to 5.

Then I picked up the phone again and said in the poor British accent I managed to acquire while studying in London for 3 years

“Hello this is HR…” Yes… we are sooo understaffed but that can’t be helped considering we’re a tiny poor company.

It makes me wonder how a company like Google could find it in itself to start off for many many years without even generating a cent of revenue in this little garage.
I wonder how the founders slept at night.

We’re so understaffed my partner Ming and I considered getting interns to work with us in our Penang office (Ming is based in our Singapore office).

We posted an ad on Jobstreet and we got a lot applicants coming in, but when I sent an e-mail to the ones worth interviewing to say
“I just want you to be clear that this is an INTERNSHIP so we will only provide you with a small allowance and not the salary of a full-time partner in our company”

(I call everyone in our little dotcom a “partner”. I have never referred to anyone as an “employee” and I’ve never referred to myself as a “Boss” ).

But of the 10 e-mails I’ve sent out to potential interviewees, none of them were interested and most of them didn’t even bother to reply.

Which made a little bit of sense since most of the applicants were already graduates.

If you’ve already graduated… you’d better be finding a proper job and not doing an unpaid relationship unless you’re with a company you really believe would be phenomenal one day and you desperately want to be a part of it.

For example, if I had a chance to intern at Apple Computers when it was still a startup… I would probably have joined the company in the end, benefitted from the stock options and would today be a very rich man.
Ahhh…. when I was a student I was always keen on doing internships during our holidays.

I remember the first interview I went for in my life which was for an internship position in an investment bank (which I later got)… the interviewer asked me

“So… do you have any commitments… or a girlfriend or anything?”

I looked at him a little surprise at the question and said

“No I don’t officially have a girlfriend… why ask?” (it was true at the time)

He gave me a rather weird look and said

“Because over here, we work at least 12 hours a day and you will not have much of a social life”.

That meant no more partying like this on weeknights.
(I’m the drunk dude on the right in this picture)

When I convinced him that I was more than ready for a job like that he then asked me
“So how much do you expect to get paid?”

I said
“Nothing… I would work your 12-16 hour days for free.The value of what I will learn from working here will be so much more than any money you can offer me at this stage

In the end he still paid me a very generous salary…

Almost triple the salary that the standard intern in Malaysia gets (among the ones that get paid of course. Some interns don’t get paid).

I learned plenty in my internships. I met up with the corporate heads of Malaysia CEOs and MDs of countless public listed companies and it was fun eventhough interns are usually the silent participants in these meetings.

Meaning we just sit down, listen and take notes… we don’t say anything or ask any questions… we don’t even ask if we can go to the toilet.

My favourite was a meeting with Zainal Amanshah of Redtone.
He spoke very very well in the meeting and knew exactly what he was talking about.

But what is far more important is that the internships I did over my summer holidays helped broaden my horizons to see what I really wanted to do with my life.

Fortunately, our dotcom has managed to inspire a few people who insisted they wanted to work for us even if it was for free.

Lets not forget Mohd Zacky who was with us in our early days helping us put together the computers we now use to work out magic. He has now gone to gone back to college to finish his degree.

Of course to really have interns, our little dotcom would have to prove itself in becoming a fairly successful company to attract the interest of the mass crowd.

But ironically, when we do get to that stage, we probably wouldn’t need to hire interns anymore.

Anyway, enough about my Little Dotcom Sdn Bhd.

On other issues… I thought I should give some credit to Koyuuken who wrote about Boss Lepton and I in his blog here.

And for those of you who read my blog at work and need some cheering up…

Check out this video by Russell Peters.. he’s hilarious.


But me love all you guys who read my blog regularly even longer time ok?

That includes Lance, Suicidal, Mz, Chapree, Jackson, Cely, William, Gwen, Jason, Smash… and everyone else I may have missed out.

I JUST WON USD 1,000,000 WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!

I woke up this morning and I checked my e-mail. Guess what I found?


Ref. No.- LSLUK/2031/8161/06


Staatsloterij International has just concluded its final draws of it’s periodical promotional program.An exclusive list of email addresses of thousands of individual and corporate bodies were picked by automated random computer search from the internet with serial number 5772-54 drew the lucky numbers 3-4-17-28-35-44and consequently won in the First Category.No tickets were sold. Your email address emerged as one of seven winners in the silver stakes category”A” as email addresses were soughted, from a total number of 1,000,000 addresses drawn from all over the globe. After an automated computer ballot of our International Promotions Program, only Seven winners emerged in this category and therefore each are to receive payouts of $1,000,000.00 usd from the total of $7,000,000.00 usd ( Seven million united states Dollar )

However, every email address selected was accompanied by a reference and ticket number,after the cyber lotto selection, the below ticket and reference numbers emerged as one of the lucky winners in the above category.CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Reference number for your prize is:Ref. No.- LSLUK/2031/8161/06

ticket number 50941465206-529

For your prize claim processing, we have employed the service of an lnternational Trust firm. They are to handle the transfer of your cash prize of 1,000,000.00 Dollar in line with our procedures and upon your directions.Your prize has been insured to its full value with your email address and will be transferred to you under their professional service.
To immediately initiate the processing of your prize claim, please contact the under-mentioned at our claims department;

Dr. F.Vincent

Email: staatclaims03@aol.com

Tel: +31-644 945 401.

In your best interest(s), you must initiate contact within three weeks of receipt of this Correspondence. Attorney/Fiduciary Agents, are to handle all matters with regards to legalization of your winning documents.You are also advised to send a copy of this email, to the Director of operations at the claims department, Mr.Frank Vincent,when contacting him.

You may be required to provide any of the above information during the process of collecting your prize. We congratulate you once again and it is our hope that you participate in any of our international programs in the nearest future.

Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS!!!.

Mrs.Kate Veldhuizen.
Promotions Manager,
Staatsloterij international,


Lance, go collect your own coke cans.. I don’t have to collect cans anymore! In fact Lance, I’ll buy you a million coke cans ok?Smash come lets go Jogoya!!!

Seriously… how stoooooopid do these people think I am?

They think I’m going to reply them saying

“Thank you so much Mrs. Veldhuizen! Attached to this e-mail is my phone number, my home address, my bank account number, my credit card number with expiry date and verification code, my passport and my identity card number.

I will also be sending you the deed to my house, all the share certificates of every asset I ever owned and also the deed to my balls (both of them).

Please send the USD 1,000,000 to me and please try not to do anything dodgy with my personal details. But I know you won’t Maam… because you’re giving me $1,000,000 so you won’t do such a thing right maam? Right?

Thank you.

Convincing Cely to Join Lampe Berger

This afternoon I decided to play a little prank on Cely.

I was reading her blog and I found this little Meebo chat thingy on her sidebar and I thought about all the naughty things I could do to her since she wouldn’t know who she was talking to.
I decided to pretend to be someone trying to convince her to join Lampe Berger (something that I’ve had experienced over and over at many points in my life).

So here’s how the conversation went

(Yes yes… another conversation post in the same week.. this will be the last for a looong time… don’t worry).
lampe berger: hi

cely: hello

lampe berger: can i know ur name?

cely: cely

cely: as u see
cely: how about u?
cely: u cant be lampe berger~
cely: 😛

lampe berger: my name is mervin

lampe berger: are u from kl?

cely: hi mervin

cely: yes

lampe berger: oh

lampe berger: u are very pretty

cely: really ? Thanks.. that’s sweet of u

lampe berger: cely

lampe berger: do u wan make money?

cely: what ?

lampe berger: do u wan to earn lot of money?

cely: i understand ur question

cely: so?
cely: join lempe berger?

lampe berger: yes

lampe berger: if you join lampe berger
lampe berger: you can make a lot of money
lampe berger: one month you can make RM15,000
lampe berger: just by recruiting other members

cely: oh..

lampe berger: and after you do for a while then everyone will earn money for u

cely: but i m not interested..

lampe berger: all the people under you can earn money for you

cely: thanks for inviting

lampe berger: then even if you don’t do anything you can make at least RM5,000 a month

lampe berger: why don’t u want to join

cely: i had too many invitation like this

cely: if i wan, i would have joined earlier

lampe berger: why is it you dowan to join?

cely: not interest in pushing ppl
cely: like what u are doing now
cely: i dun mind making money slowly..

lampe berger: but i am not pushing people.. i am trying to help people make money

lampe berger: you can be very rich… my friend just last month bought a bmw
lampe berger: from lampe berger money
lampe berger: he don’t work anymore also

cely: haha.. that;s the tag line u gotto say ma~

cely: nah, it’s ok
cely: really.. thanks

lampe berger: what is your phone number?

lampe berger: can i call you to talk to you?

cely: No no..

lampe berger: ok why you don’t want to join?

cely: i told u already~

lampe berger: you work little bit only can make money

lampe berger: just 3 days in a week you work
lampe berger: can make thousands of dollars

cely: i dun like to do what u are doing now..

cely: persuading..

lampe berger: but it is just you persuade your friends only

lampe berger: you don haf to go out marketing also

cely: haha, do u make money ?
cely: have u bought ur bmw?

lampe berger: no i don’t have bmw

lampe berger: but i bought a new honda civic

cely: that’s great

lampe berger: and i just do lampe berger for only 8 months

cely: hm.. i m really not interested

cely: i know how it workls
cely: i understand the benefits
cely: but i m just not interested in even trying

lampe berger: ok then will you put an advertisement for me on your blog

lampe berger: to ask your readers can call me
lampe berger: if they want to join lampe berger?

cely: Oh.. no..

lampe berger: why?

cely: that’s not gonna work in my blog

lampe berger: but you tell your friends can make money

lampe berger: everyone also wan make money

cely: i told u from the very begining.. i m not doing what u are doing now

cely: persuading
cely: off coz i m not going to put lempe berger ad in my blog
cely: dun even say put an ad for u

lampe berger: ok what if i pay you

lampe berger: i pay you to put an ad up
lampe berger: for me

cely: how am i going to trust u?

lampe berger: i call you

lampe berger: we meet and i pay you cash first
lampe berger: half before you post
lampe berger: half after you post
lampe berger: ok?

cely: let me think about it

lampe berger: what is your phone number

cely: u gimme urs

cely: 🙂

lampe berger: 012 3358292

cely: how do u get to my blog ?

lampe berger: last time i see petaling street

lampe berger: then i write down your blog

cely: Oh.. ok

lampe berger: ok

cely: do u have a blog?

lampe berger: no
lampe berger: so will you put an ad for me
lampe berger: i pay you RM50

cely: why not ?

cely: i’ll think about it

lampe berger: no can put for me now?

cely: NOW ?

cely: i guess u can look for other more famous blogger to put this ad for u~

lampe berger: ok i pay you RM200 then

lampe berger: you put for me now ok
lampe berger: you have my phone number
lampe berger: i cannot run

cely: haha

cely: i have trouble to trust you
cely: why NOW ?
cely: why cant i consider?

lampe berger: it is free right

lampe berger: blog entry
lampe berger: i will pay you

cely: seriously, can i consider it for a day?

cely: maybe i’ll answer u by tomolo
cely: u know my blug, i cant run either
cely: rite?

lampe berger: ok

lampe berger: if you put now
lampe berger: i will pay you RM1000
lampe berger: last offer
lampe berger: i give you my house address
lampe berger: phone numbenr
lampe berger: everything you wan i give you

cely: u are JOKING with me

lampe berger: i am not

lampe berger: where you work
lampe berger: tomorrow i come and give you the RM1000 cash
lampe berger: ok?

cely: 😡

lampe berger: ok?

lampe berger: you put now?

cely: hahah

lampe berger: cely?

lampe berger: ok deall?
lampe berger: cely?
lampe berger: deal?
lampe berger: deal?
lampe berger: cely?
lampe berger: ok
lampe berger: ?
lampe berger: can?

cely: aiyo.. stop playing la

cely: u are not mervin or anything

lampe berger: i am

lampe berger: do you want the money or not

cely: haha

lampe berger: dowan fine!

cely: fine 🙂

cely: look for something else

lampe berger: actually i got something else

cely: yes

lampe berger: next saturday 14th oct we having a lampe berger convention

lampe berger: at concord hotel
lampe berger: got speaker teach you make money
lampe berger: you want come?
lampe berger: just listen only.. it is free

cely: i am not free.. i m joining a camp

lampe berger: what camp you joining

cely: ji er 30

cely: on 14th – 15th

lampe berger: ohhh

lampe berger: then the following saturday also got another eventb
lampe berger: but that wan is in sunway pyramid convention center
lampe berger: you wan come?

cely: ahha

cely: i m going sg for trip

lampe berger: then what about 28th october

cely: actually, i really not even interested in this

lampe berger: got another one in regent hotel

lampe berger: bukit bintang there

cely: do u get ppl joining from just talking online ?

lampe berger: no i also call them

lampe berger: but you don gimme your phone

cely: erm.. it just look very strange and i dont trust this..

cely: i need to protect myself

lampe berger: ok then you got any friend i can call?

cely: no.. off coz no~

lampe berger: why

lampe berger: you got no friends?

cely: just no..

cely: i got friends

lampe berger: then can give me the number

lampe berger: i call

cely: but takan i ‘betray my frens’ for giving out their numbers?

cely: it’s not logic ..rite

lampe berger: ok then you got other blogger friend

lampe berger: that you know
lampe berger: can help me post ad
lampe berger: you got any blogger friend
lampe berger: that can help me post ad?
lampe berger: cely
lampe berger: cely?

cely: u can just try ur luck.. i got the list there in my tidbits

cely: why u need ppl to put the ad?
cely: u can just create a blog what
cely: to tell ppl what’s good to join

lampe berger: ok

lampe berger: who is the most famous in your list

cely: kennysia.com

lampe berger: who else you know wan

cely: i dunno much.. i m just very new blogger

lampe berger: ok you want to go out for lunch

lampe berger: ?

cely: no.. already 3.30 la

cely: back from lunch long time ago

lampe berger: tomorrow leh?

cely: u asking me for lunch ?

cely: no need la
cely: u full time lempe berger?

lampe berger: no i working now

cely: working as what

lampe berger: i workin customer service at ibm

cely: sound like a good and stable job

lampe berger: yes

lampe berger: but lampe berger make me rich
lampe berger: normal job cannot make me rich

cely: how OLD arr?

lampe berger: i’m 24

cely: working at ibm not enough for u?

cely: how rich is rich ?
cely: earn 10k a month?

lampe berger: IBM i only earn RM2000 a month

lampe berger: lampe berger I earn RM6000 a month
lampe berger: so total about RM7000 a month
lampe berger: enough to pay monthly installment for my civic

cely: good

lampe berger: i also bought apartment already

lampe berger: every month i pay RM2000 for my apartment and RM1200 for my car installment
lampe berger: I still have so much money to spend
lampe berger: because of lampe berger

cely: u earn this much.. off coz u will spend this much

cely: and even 10k a month for u also wont enough

lampe berger: yes

lampe berger: so you want to join?
lampe berger: lampe berger
lampe berger: and be rich like me?

Ok soon after that I began to lose interest and I told Cely that it was really me.

She said she expected it but the bad news is… she forwarded the conversation to a few of her friends including Earl who then forwarded it to Anti-Lamp Berger.

So uhmm… Anti-Lamp Berger…. please keep in mind that it was just a prank and not for real…

I personally don’t like Lamp Berger or any other MLMs but my judgement shouldn’t affect anyone else’s.


Lucky I didn’t put my real phone number when Cely asked for it.


Hive Hosting

I was looking for hosting options for my up and coming dotcom.

We currently run on a webhost but I was exploring other options from getting our own server to renting a dedicated server or even seeing if there was a better we hosting package out there.

So I came across a webhosting company called Hive that I thought looked very impressive to me. But I’ve had bad experiences with web hosts in the past.

Almost all webhosts promise you 99.9% uptime guarantee but 99.9% of them don’t keep up with their promise.

So I googled Hive and tried to find reviews on it and I came across this site that was dedicated to being Anti-Hive.
Apparently one very upset customer took it one step further.

What I thought was funny was how the creator of the site had a sense of humour in him.

Upon entering the site I read it’s introduction.

“This site is dedicated to all victims of Hive Hosting who’s massive downtime lasting more than 20 days had caused many webmasters to lose their search engine ranking and livelihood.

Since this is officially a hate site, it contains expletives, provocative graphics and inane rants not suitable for young people in their formative years. Staffs of Hive Hosting and their relatives are not welcomed.”

Then came the instructions of what to do next

“To proceed, please indicate that you’re the right target audience by selecting a link below.

And there were 3 links there.
One saying “I am below 18 years old” which takes you to a Mickey Mouse site … LOL

The second one said “Hive Hostin da Best”.

And the final one said
“My site was down for 3 weeks and all my files were gone along with all my emails and database and no one bothered to inform me and I’m really MAD“.

I decided to check what he had to say so I clicked on the third link.

And it brought me to his horror stories that I wouldn’t talk about here but you could read on your own later if you like.Then out of curiousity, I went back to the front page and I clicked on the link which said
“Hive Hostin Da Best”

and it took me to this page
Saying “Hive da Best?”
Please scroll down“.

And there were these images at the bottom of the page.
I don’t know about you guys. But I thought he was hilarious.

If you want to check out the site for yourself… click here.

Disclaimer: I don’t know whether anything on the site is true or not nor am I endorsing the hate site or ANY hate sites. I just found the site to be rather funny.

Conversation with Kelz

I was talking to Kelz on MSN the other day.

You all know Kelz right? The hot but occasionally nasty girl in this picture.
Kelz: i canot tink of funny tings 2 write
Stewie: ahhh.. i never can think of funny things to write too
Kelz:so random tings bout u

Kelz:go tell me NOW.


Stewie:random things bout me?

Kelz: yeah. I dont really know u

Stewie: ohh

Stewie:well uhmm

Stewie: i like girls

Stewie: very very much

Stewie: to be exact.. i like women


Stewie: which is quite rare

Stewie: cuz not many guys i know love women

Stewie: right?

Stewie: it’s not often u come across a guy who loves women

Kelz:hahaha well, dats good 2 know

Stewie says:now ur turn

Kelz:hmm random random..

Kelz:oh i was in my high school BASKETBALL team

Kelz:and always won 1st place

Kelz:thugh i just 5ft 1

Stewie: ohhh



Stewie: i didn’t see that cominggg

Kelz: hahaha yeap

Kelz: cos im short mar

Stewie:u’re not short

Stewie:u’re average height

Kelz:haha i am rather petite

Stewie:which is not a bad thing

Kelz:haha i like my height

Kelz:ur turn

Stewie: ohh

Stewie: well

Stewie: ok

Stewie: this may come as a shock to u

Stewie: now when u look at me… u might think that i am indian… but the truth
is… i am chinese


Kelz: hahahaha

Stewie: did u just say the F word at me?

Stewie: bloody helll

Stewie: mahaii kelzz

Stewie: if u were a guy i would ask u to go…

Stewie: but u’re a woman.. so i say

Stewie: no kelz… please don’t say such things…

Stewie: wait.. it’s because i’m chinese isn’t it?

Stewie: it’s because u don’t like chinese isn’t it?

Kelz: ahhahahha

Kelz: hahahahaha

Kelz: go die lar u..go die far far away


Stewie:okok ur turn

Kelz: hmmm…

Kelz: many ppl esp in college tinks im chinese indo

Kelz: WHAT?!?!


Kelz: yeah dono y..

Stewie: U MEAN…

Stewie: u mean u’re… U’re CHINESE?!


Kelz: ya i AMM u dumb ass

Stewie says:hahahahah

Kelz:half blind bat

Stewie:my my.. always hurling insults my way

Stewie:u’re not a very nice person are u kelz

Kelz: ei ur turn right

Stewie: okay okay

Stewie: i am fat

Stewie: as much as i try to deny it

Stewie: i AM fat

Kelz: i tink ur pLump.



Stewie: ?!?!



Stewie: SONOFA…


Kelz: hahaha wt

Stewie: looking for a picture of myself to prove that i’m not fat

Stewie: but all the pictures i have make me look fat


Kelz: ya the camera adds 10 pounds

Stewie: 20 pounds



Stewie: 15!

Kelz: fine..12

Kelz: last offer

Then I showed her this pictureStewie:THERE!!!
Stewie: LOOK

Stewie: look at the last picture

Stewie: and tell me

Stewie: am i FAT?

Kelz: OMG

Kelz: this convo is so wrong..UR A GUY AND ur asking me are u fat


Kelz: OMG



Kelz: i likeyyy

Kelz: shit too bad ur taken


Stewie: HAH

Ok that’s enough.


I woke up this morning, went for my morning coffee and opened the The Star to read my daily dosage of news. The first thing I saw called for a CELEBRATION!!!

That’s right everyone… “Ah Longs” (Loansharks) have cut their interest rates from 30% a month to 5% a month!!!


I feel that the Ah Long’s have done something revolutionary!

For example, years ago I couldn’t travel as much as I liked because I was (and still am) poor.

Then came along AirAsia offering people like me the opportunity to fly for a fraction of what I had to pay for an air ticket.

AirAsia’s motto was
“Now everyone can fly!” They were indeed right!

Now everyone COULD fly!

And now, the Ah Longs have jumped on the bandwagon to make it more possible for the poor consumers like myself to do more things.
That’s right!!!

Now everyone can BORROW MONEY!!!!

Of course, I do sympathise with the Ah Longs.

The newspaper article mentioned how competition had heated up and they now had to start advertising.

Now since the Ah Long’s were all nice enough to lower their rates for us… the least I could do was to help them with their advertising.

So I used my very unimaginative and uncreative mind to ‘steal’ AirAsia’s earlier advertisement

And modified it for the Ah Long’s.

If you ever see another Ah Long blog advertisement, remember that you saw the first one here!

This post is not meant to be funny… I had a straight-poker-depressed face when typing it out and that is not a good sign… my Baby actually hit me on the head for writing such a lame post… but I can do that right?

I can write lame posts cuz I am not Kennysia right? So I don’t have high expectations in humour right? right?

Remembering Leng Mou Two Months On

Boss!!! Tell you what, since we make each other laugh so much, why don’t we create a blog just for both of us to post things and make each other laugh. Leng Mou ?”

That was what I said to Boss Lepton 10 months ago before we created a blog meant for both of us to make each other laugh.

On the first day our blog was published I asked him
“Boss, why do you call yourself Boss Lepton? Just say Lepton lar.. I also put my nick as Stewie mah”.

Boss Lepton looked at me and said
You always call me Boss and I always call you Boss what? You also change your nick to Boss Stewie lar! Nobody’s going to read this blog anyway… what’s the big deal?”I guess we were wrong.

Every morning I would wake up in my cold London bedroom and check on the new little blog we created to see if Boss Lepton had managed to make me laugh to brighten my morning.

After some time, I had even started with a little collection of my favourite posts that Boss Lepton has written like the one about parkaconomics.
On our first day, we received 30 visits .

I remember calling Boss Lepton up to say

Then the next day we received over 70 visits and I was equally as excited.

Then one day, the visits looked like it was climbing fast in the morning. My London flatmate who knew about the blog bet me that it would break a 100 and I didn’t believe it.

I took his bet and lost.

Not long after that… it exploded exponentially to over 4 digits worth of unique visits every day. The fanmail started flowing in and we were both feeling on top of the world.

We were both… very very high.

We’ve heard comments that we were the “Funniest Blog in Asia” though I highly doubt it since I have seen far funnier blogs like Kenny Sia and Rojaks who take much effort to create blog posts that make their readers laugh every day.

Can you imagine the kind of life these rare bloggers have to live… every morning they wake up thinking

Hmm.. how do I make my readers laugh today?”

It is easy to blog and write anything you want.

It is easy to camwhore and post many many pictures of yourself…

but it is not easy to write a funny post every day

(not to mention when they do fail… they get criticised for being “lame” when they should instead be praised for trying).

I salute both Wingz and Kenny for being able to keep up with this marathon.What Boss Lepton and I really took pride in though was the fanmail that sometimes mention how we help make our readers laugh during a boring day at work.

One reader also once told me that his entire office reads my blog.

So why did it all end?

I guess after I graduated I realised that there comes a point in my everyone’s life when he realizes that he’s not a little boy anymore.

That it’s okay to be wild when you’re a student but less okay when you’re old enough and entering the working/business world.

I decided that as much as there was the urge to write all my funny thoughts in one place of the internet… there was a bigger urge that I had to grow up and think of how people I meet in real life will take me seriously if I am known to write rubbish on the internet.

I doubt people would take me seriously if they read what I said about giving a toilet roll lots and lots of love or if they read my post teaching everyone else how to be annoying.
Or if they read the little Malay language essay I wrote about….

Reading their biographies, a lot of great people have had their wild side. For example, Richard Branson once took drugs. But all of them knew when the time came for them to grow up and be men rather than boys.

I had to grow up too.

Yet many people used to tell me that I will never be able to let go of Leng Mou.

That I will never be able to let go of the ‘marketing power’ that the blog had brought me but I proved them wrong.

Today, it has been exactly 2 months since my last “Goodbye” post at Leng Mou.
(Surprisingly when I check the site stats every now and then I still see many people going back there to read our previous posts.)
Now in this blog I get 10% of the visits I used to get every day.

Most of my readers have accepted the fact that I truly am going to stop blogging posts that ‘try to be funny’ and have left me.

But the ones that remain are the ones that matter the most to me and more importantly… I am happy.

I have finally grown up…

What The Richest Men in the World Drive

Cars are the ultimate status symbol.

When I drive my friend’s BMW, people who see me in it think that I’m rich and tend to pay me a little more attention.

(Except when I drive my other friend’s BMW 318i in which people probably look at me and think “Oh.. here’s a young fool who couldn’t afford a PROPER BMW and had to settle for the cheapest 318i instead of a 325i”).

But when I drive my OWN Proton Waja, people DON’T see me in it. Simply because they just don’t bother looking at the poor man driving the Proton Waja.

My father always tells me
“Don’t be deceived by the cars people drive. Just because he drives a BMW doesn’t mean he’s rich. It could just mean that he’s willing to borrow money just to put on a good front or that his company’s giving him a car to drive”.

He told me the story of one of his friends who once bought a very expensive car that he couldn’t afford just to show bankers that he was “Financially Okay” when he really wasn’t. He ended up selling the car a few years later after defaulting on the loan.

So with this perspective. I started trying to pay attention to what people drive and who they really are.
My partner from Singapore (Ming), once told me that he heard a lot of Penang people are very very rich but they just never show it.

I told him that I doubt that the rich in Penang are anywhere close to the rich in KL but how would I ever know anyway.

My mind thought back to the time when I met this Penangnite in his forties that I knew was filty rich.

He had inherited a fortune in property from his father that was put in a family trust. His share of that trust alone was worth millions… not just a few millions… but tens or maybe even hundreds of millions (who knows)?.

But what car did he drive?

A PROTON SAGA that was almost as old as I am.
So I started looking online at what the richest people in the world drove.

Of course, there are among the super-rich in the world that were willing to splash money on Bentleys, Maybachs and Ferraris.

Some like Prince Waleed take it another step higher by having his car custom-made to be covered with diamonds costing approximately RM17,520,000.
And rightfully so!

If you’ve made your money (in honest ways of course), you deserve to splash every cent of it.

But then there are the super-rich who don’t splash their money on cars but put their money on other causes.

Take for example Warren Buffet, the 2nd Richest Man in the World worth an estimated $44 billion .

He drives a 2001 Lincoln Town Car which is honestly… nothing to shout about. So where does he spend his money then?

It was recently reported that Warren Buffet was going to donate $37 billion of his fortune to charity.

What about the other richest men in the world like Ingvar Kamprad who owns IKEA and is estimated to be worth $23 billion.

Well he drives… THIS
An old Volvo that he has had since 1993, long before most of us reading this blog knew how to say the word “Kinky”.

Then there’s Jim Walton of the Wal-Mart family who’s worth $18.2 billion but drives a PICKUP TRUCK.
Oh but lets not forget Paul Allen, Co-Founder of Microsoft who’s worth $21 billion and drives an old 1988 Porsche.Now an old Porsche like that is too old to be put in the class of today’s luxury cars and too new to be considered a ‘classic’ or ‘antique’ car. So… it’s just a car… and it doesn’t matter if it’s a Porsche.

And finally, lets also look at Steve Ballmer, another Microsoft billionaire worth $12.1 billion but drives this…That’s right.. no Maybachs, no Ferraris, not even Mercedes 0r BMWs… and they have all the money in the world.

I guess some people love to spend on flashy cars…. and some don’t.

As for Stewie… Stewie loves cars…

A Woman’s Close Male Friend

Late last night a very depressed friend of mine called me up to vent all his feelings. Let me name this friend “Barney” (obviously not his real name).
Two years ago, Barney met the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life at a friend’s birthday party. I shall name this girl “Xena Warrior Princess” (again obviously not her real name).When they met, she belonged to someone else but Xena and her boyfriend at that time were going through a rough patch and it was obvious to everyone that they were about to break up.

So Barney saw the opportunity to be the next in line and he took it, calling and smsing her every day.

When the day finally came and Xena Warrior Princess broke up with her boyfriend, Barney was happy beyond belief but Xena told Barney that it was too soon for her to get into another relationship yet and she needed some time.

Fair enough, Barney said okay and he waited.

Fast forward two years later to today.

Barney called me last night to tell me that he was almost in tears because he had waited so long for Xena only to find that Xena had just gotten herself a new boyfriend. When Barney asked why the new boyfriend wasn’t him, Xena said

“I like you Barney… I think you’re a great guy and any girl would be lucky to have you but I don’t like you in that way”.

Hearing the frustration in his voice, Barney asked me

And my reply to him was this

“Barney, every decent looking woman has a close male friend and that male friend is probably or actually definitely interested in her which is why he’s always at her every beck and call but she only sees him as a friend.

So to make sure that he’s only a FRIEND, she always goes out to say

“You’re a brilliant guy and you have everything that a girl can ever ask for, but I don’t like you in that way”.

Or let me put this in another perspective (something I’ve heard before from somewhere).

This is like you going for a job interview with a company.
After putting you through a 6-hour interview the company says

“You have a great CV Barney and you have all the qualifications that we’re looking for in an employee. But we’re not going to employ you. We will however use your resume as the basis for comparison for all other applicants.

But we’re going to hire somebody who is far less qualified than you and probably a bum who doesn’t work and has no future or even an alcoholic or drug addict. And if it doesn’t work out with the alcoholic, we still won’t hire you.We’ll hire someone else. In fact, we’ll never hire you, but we would like to call you every now and then to complain and whine to you about the guy we hired.”

Then I carried on to say

“So Barney, you now have two options. You either tell the “company” to bugger off and that you’re not interested in the job anymore.”

Or you could wait for the “company” to “hire” you until you realize that it’s never going to happen in which by then it’s too late, and you’ll die a virgin and the only sexual activity you’ll have in your entire life is with your right hand.

Barney then cut me off before I could continue and said

“But I love her… and I don’t care about anything else especially sex… I just want to be with her and if I have to wait longer I will”. In which I then replied

“Well I guess many years later when you’re finally done waiting and you’re too old to find another girl, you could always marry your right hand…

And he got fed up with me and said

Hmph… my friends don’t appreciate me…

PS: “Barney”, if you’re reading this… I’m sorry, I was just trying to cheer you up… you’ll still invite me to your wedding won’t you?

I promise I’ll bring expensive wedding presents for you “wife”… like Gucci Leather Gloves or branded hand moisturizer from Japan.