Cheo Ming Shen sued me and lost. Then he appealed, and lost again

For the past 2 plus years, I have been defending a lawsuit that Ming filed against me in the Singapore High Court. The trial took place last year and he lost the suit. Then he appealed the judge’s decision. Last week was the appeal hearing in the Court of Appeals and he lost again.

Alas justice and the truth prevails.

Click here if you’d like to read the judgement of the case.

I want to thank the people around me who have supported me in my decision to stand by my principles to go all the way with this case and not settle. From my friends and family to the really great legal team I have in Pradeep and Simren of PRP Law.


If there’s one thing I really enjoyed, it was going through this journey working with Pradeep and Simren. I would highly recommend them for any litigation issues you may have in Singapore.

The end of this journey marks a closing of a chapter for me. I feel thankful that I’ve been able to move on to a happy place in my life now. Grateful that I had the confidence to take a plunge on a new startup called Colony that is now thriving.

Thank you to the people who have supported me.



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