Dear TV

This article is in collaboration with Panasonic OLED TV

Welcome to our home. I know lots about you. I know you’re a Panasonic 65” OLED TV of Japan Quality.


I know you’re OLED which means you produce some of the most beautiful colours with pictures so sharp producers and filmmakers in Hollywood use you for viewings of their own work. I know you’re a really smart TV with all sorts of features and apps built in and I know that Panasonic wirelessly beams updates to you every now and then.

You probably don’t know much about me and my home so let me start.

First let me introduce the two most important people in the house.

The one on the left is my 5 year old son Fighter and the one on the right is my 3 year old daughter Penny.


Fighter’s real name is Jude but we call him Fighter because he was a premature baby who had to fight for his life when he was born weighing only 1.1 KG. He’s a people person, very warm, loving and caring. When you first arrived at our home, Fighter was the most excited, rushing to you and caressing the box you sat in. He’s that loving to anyone who comes to the house.


On the flip side Fighter can sometimes be easily scared by the unknown. He once got really scared while watching Coco hiding behind me in the cinema and saying he doesn’t want to watch it again. It’s hard to pin down a trend of things he finds scary because sometimes it can be the really random things. On one occasion he saw an army officer on TV and he got so scared he ran all the way upstairs to mommy.

Fighter is Psy’s biggest fan. So if you ever want to keep him happy, just play some New Face or Gentleman by Psy and he’ll jump for joy like his daddy just bought a toy store. He will likely ask you to max the volume when Psy comes on the TV which you may oblige.


Do watch out for him though as he tends to dance along with Psy’s videos he’s a little clumsy so he might knock a thing or two over.

Next is Penny. Penny is a loveable 3 year old girl who loves Mommy and her elder brother Fighter, and occassionally loves Daddy depending on her moods. She generally likes girls… not boys so her favourite shows on TV are Super Girl, or any music videos with pretty girls. Girls’ Generation music videos would suffice in most cases.

My wife always says that Penny’s default emotion is “Anger”. Let me illustrate what that means. If you give Fighter a Tic Tac and then you tell him just one is enough, he’ll be sad but he’ll accept it. Penny on the other hand might skip the “being sad” part and go straight to being angry.

Penny is also fiercely competitive. Her purpose in life seems to be to win, no matter how trivial the game. If you play a game with her and she wins, she’s happy. If she loses… well… you got it… she gets angry.


Next up is my wife Audrey, also known as popular blogger Fourfeetnine. Sometimes I get referred to as “Fourfeetnine’s husband” though now increasingly she gets referred to as “Fighter’s mom”.


Audrey is the love of my life. She’s good with people, never afraid to laugh at herself and for that reason I find her very cute. Perhaps that’s why I married her. She’s a very principled person so she gets very offended when injustice takes place and finds the need to do something about it. For example she was really unhappy with how our ex-PM was running the country and beyond just fearlessly blogging or posting about her thoughts on social media, she went out to be a Polling AND Counting agent on election day. She woke up at 5AM that day and came home about 9 or 10PM.

When she’s not out there fighting injustice or taking care of the kids, she’s watching her favourite TV shows with me on our late nights. Her current favourite is Handmaid’s Tale, but Westworld, Unbreakeable Kimmy Schmidt and the likes come close. Her all-time favourite TV show though? Friends. She loves Ross Gellar and you can turn it on at any time of the day and she’ll sit down to watch it the umpteenth time.

Lastly there’s me. My friends call me Tim, though my old school friends call me Tiam (after my Chinese name). I’m the luckiest person in the family, to be able to have Audrey as my wife and Fighter and Penny as my kids. I work during the days and sometimes at night. When I have time I try to read but TV to me is more than just entertainment. It’s the way I bond with my kids and my wife. Some of the best moments for me are sitting down on the living room couch watching something with the whole family.

So you see my Dear TV, you’re not just some other electrical appliance in our home. You are the glue that keeps us all together and helps us grow as a family. It’s for that reason I think it’s fitting that you’re placed in the most prominent place of our home, the living room.

Welcome to our family and please… make yourself at home.

Your new owner,

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