How Fighter and Penny are like in person…

This morning I was sitting in the living room with both kids running around when it occurred to me how different both my cute kids are in personality.

With both Fighter and Penny growing up, it’s very interesting to see their personalities take shape and boy they couldn’t be more distinct.


Here’s how they’re like…



  1. He’s very very cheerful. He’s always smiling and laughing at things.
  2. He’s very good with people and generally very friendly. When we ask him to, he’s not afraid to say hi to people he had just met.
  3. He generally doesn’t mind sharing things with other people except Penny. For some reason he doesn’t like Penny touching his stuff.
  4. Increasingly picky on the things he eats. Likes to pick and choose now.
  5. Very conscious about the outfits he wears. He generally likes to wear clothes with words on them because he thinks adults wear a lot of clothes with words on them. He calls them “ABC clothes”. He doesn’t like to dress like a baby. He likes to dress like an adult. He does not like wearing anything on his head. Not even a cap.
  6. Very attached to mommy and a babysitter of ours but generally okay with me and everyone else too.
  7. Generally more cautious and afraid of danger.
  8. Wakes up at 7.30AM every morning.
  9. Generally likes playing with older kids.




  1. She’s very cheerful too but in her own quiet ways. Unlike Fighter you don’t often see her running around laughing when there are people around but when she’s on her own or with a small group of people that she knows and trusts she lets all her smiles and laughter go then.
  2. She’s really shy with strangers. Not too much of a people person.
  3. She too doesn’t mind sharing stuff with people but not with Fighter.
  4. Loves fruits like bananas and loves trying different things.
  5. Kinda indifferent when it comes to clothes she wears but very picky about the shoes she wears. She loves shoes. Even when we’re not going out she’ll go around looking for shoes and occasionally try them on.  She’s also very used to (and very happy) wearing headbands with big flowers on them.
  6. Very attached to mommy and one babysitter. Everyone else is hostile unless proven otherwise. I’ve been working on building trust with her so that she’ll let me carry her and I can proudly say that I am indeed making progress.
  7. Not cautious and not afraid of danger even after having being hurt once for doing something.
  8. Wakes up at 6AM every morning.. sometimes even 5AM.
  9. Likes playing with any kids.

Of course there are things the both of them share in common:

  1. They both like playing with kitchen sets
  2. They both love eating whatever I’m eating for breakfast.
  3. They both happily give you a hug and kiss when you ask for one.
  4. They both fight a lot but have times when they’re really loving to each other.
  5. They both love Mommy and Daddy 🙂

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