Two Fighter Stories. One of hide and seek

I’ve been spending a lot of quality time with Fighter lately. It helps too that these past two weeks I haven’t been traveling for work so he’s back to loving Daddy. When he sees me in the morning he happily shouts “Good morning Daddy!!” and once in a while he will say “I love you Daddy!”.

Anyway there were a couple of instances that happened in the past few days that I thought was really cute and I want to document them here. Both happened yesterday.

We were both playing hide and seek. He hasn’t really understood the concept of hiding in the past so it’s mostly me doing the hiding and him finding me. He’s not very good at finding things so I normally have to call out to him every now and then while I’m sweating away at my hiding spot.

Yesterday though we decided to mix it up. I asked him if he wanted to do the hiding and he said “YES!”. Not just any yes… a resoundingly loud YES!

I closed my eyes and counted to 10 as I heard his footsteps trail away. When I finished my countdown I looked around and it didn’t take me long to find him. He was hiding quietly next to the window, head to toe fully visible and exposed. The one thing he was hiding behind though was his stuffed George from Peppa Pig. Something like this.


Note: This picture is a reenactment when I asked him to show me again how he did it.

In that short glance I had of him I sensed he looked really content with his hiding spot. So I played along.

I called out “Fighter! Fighter where are you?” and walked around the living room. All this while I could hear him snickering behind George. His snickers got louder and louder the longer I took to find him but I ignored it. Just carried on looking for him.

Finally he couldn’t take it, he put down his George and ran to hug me while laughing away. My heart melted to mush.

Okay so the second story of Fighter happened this morning. Here’s how our conversation went:

Fighter: Daddy!

Me: Yes?

Fighter: I want to marry Daddy and Mommy.

Me: Haha… Daddy and Mommy would love to marry you too. But one day you’ll grow up and find a beautiful girl who will take good care of you and you’ll marry her ok? *teary eyed*

Fighter: No don’t want.

Me: Why?

Fighter: I want to marry a boy.


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