Giant stopped me from taking photos of my son while shopping for groceries and I don’t understand why

Just the other day I was following my wife shopping with Fighter in tow. Fighter was happily seated on the shopping cart as we pushed him aisle to aisle. I thought it was a really cute moment. Armed with my camera I decided to take some pictures of him.


I was having a good time taking photos of him as we pushed him around until suddenly a staff at Giant told me wife to ask me to stop taking pictures. He said we weren’t allowed to take pictures in Giant. I abided by that request but I was baffled on why.

Why would they stop someone taking pictures in their supermarket? First of all I was taking pictures of my son. Not their products… and even if I were a competitor (say Tesco) trying to take photos of their trade marketing initiatives or whatever, I would whip out my mobile phone, snap a photo and there’s nothing anyone could have done about it. Short of them having a big bouncer at every aisle.

We live in a world now where restaurants are trying to get you to take photos and post on social media. Going as far as to incentivize you with a free dessert or a discount. Yet I was surprised to see that we have supermarkets like Giant that are still stuck with this arcane thinking.

Can someone explain to me why Giant doesn’t allow you to take pictures inside their supermarket? Maybe there’s a really good reason that I’m totally missing here.

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