Things Shorty & Fatty Say #72, #73, #74: Big Face


A conversation with Shorty.



Shorty has been having a lot of trouble with mosquitoes in the room. We have no idea where the mosquitoes are coming from but we’re guessing it’s from our bathroom. We look around for any open water but there’s nothing. So Shorty decided to go out and buy some special oil that keeps mosquitoes away.


After we reached home.

Me: So you’re happy now eh? You can go … Yoooo hoooo oh mosquitoes… I’ve got a little something for you.

Shorty: HAHA!! Good idea. OKOK! *brings mosquito repellent into the room*

Shorty: Yooohooo mosquitoes…. I’ve got something special for you. It’s some nice juicy blood… come out come out….


Me: Shorty I know what watch I want to buy you already.

Shorty: What what?

Me: I don’t want to tell you yet. But it’s really expensive so I have to wait until I earn more money.

Shorty: What does it look like?

Me: I can’t tell you.

Shorty: Ok what brand is it ?

Me: I can’t tell you.

Shorty: Ok why don’t you just show me a picture of the watch but don’t tell me the brand.

Me: If I show you a picture of the watch then obviously you will know already right?

Shorty: Ok I can guess what brand already.

Me: What?

Shorty: It’s a Rolex.

Me: Ah fine!

Shorty: Is it the same as Bobo’s one?

Me: I don’t know what Bobo’s one looks like.

Shorty: Small face one.

Me: Maybe… it doesn’t matter you sure like it wan.

Shorty: But I like big face wan! Look! I like you * carasses my face with her hands*

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