Meeting Christina Perri

Christina Perri was in KL for a concert last Thursday. At first, Shorty and I weren’t sure if we were going to go because I’ve been traveling a lot and I wasn’t even sure if I’m going to be around that date. Then just a week before, Celcom came and afford us both a pair of tickets for the concert and the meet and greet. Fortunately it turned out I was going to be in KL too on that date so we decided to go.


On the day, Shorty and I joined a long queue of fans at the meet and greet. Then group by group we got our chance to meet her. When she first saw Shorty and I, she gave us a hug and then got us to take a picture with another group. She didn’t recognize us from the meme proposal, something Shorty and I kinda guessed would happen.

Then as Shorty and I were walking away, Mimi went up to Christina Perri and said “Hey do you know the meme proposal?”

Christina Perri replied “Of course!” which was then followed by Mimi pointing at me and Shorty walking away shouting “THAT’S MY BOSS!!!”.

Christina Perri waved for us to come back and said something to us. I mean something because… to be honest, I was still star struck at that moment that I kinda felt as if my soul lifted up from my body and I was just watching everything from the air. I can’t remember what Christina Perri said to me or even what I said back… all that was running through my head was “I’M TALKING TO CHRISTINA PERRI?!!?”.


Fortunately Mimi took a video of the encounter so you can see what she really said to us then.

Christina Perri then asked us if we would mind going up on stage when she sang “A Thousand Years” at the concert. She said she wanted to sing it for us and asked us if it would be ok. We said sure and acted calm and all (but inside we were like jumping for joy already).

Then the concert came. Shorty and I stood amongst the crowd for most of the concert, enjoying her performance. In real life, Chrisitna Perri is really pretty, pictures don’t do justice. She has a beautiful voice… and she’s really nice too. No diva air about her or anything like that. When  our cue came to go up on stage, her assistant ushered us through the back stage and this is what happened next.

I whipped out my phone camera and took this picture while I was sitting on stage with Shorty.


It was a blur photo.. but that was one of the most incredible moments in my life.

Christina Perri has given us two things now.


First, she gave us the wonderful song that we used for our meme proposal.

And now… she has given us an out of this world experience that night… when she called us up on stage to sing “A Thousand Years”. It was awesome!

Special thanks to Celcom/XPAX for the tickets or this moment would never have happened. Another special thanks to Mimi… for doing what Shorty and I would never dare to do.

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