My Christmas Gift To Shorty

Hi Everyone,

Here’s a pretty late Merry Christmas! I know I should’ve updated my blog sooner but I have an excuse… well sort-of. Well Shorty and I have been really busy. When in KL we were busy tidying up whatever left we had to do in KL before we made a trip back to Penang. And now that we’re back in Penang, we’ve been busy looking around at venues for our wedding next year. No we don’t have the dates for that yet. Mum is still trying to find an “auspicious” date for that which is great… because if we weren’t guided by mum, we would’ve just probably opened a calendar and picked a random date by means of eenie meenie minie mou.

Of course being back in Penang means you find time to eat some good hawker food. So I ate my favourite Hot Bowl curry mee in Abu Siti Lane for lunch today. This my friends… is in my opinion… the best curry mee in ALL OF MALAYSIA.


If you go, be sure to order the steamed chicken.

Anyway this is a quick update to share with you guys what I bought Shorty for Christmas. In all honesty, Shorty and I don’t really have the habit of buying each other Christmas gifts. We never do. In fact we never even buy each other Anniversary gifts. Birthdays are the only occassions in which we do. The reason for it? Well I guess the standing tacit agreement between Shorty and I has always been that we don’t have to wait for an occassion to buy each other a gift. So if at any point I see something that she likes or she sees something that I like, we’ll just buy it for each other. Regardless if there’s an occassion or not. Once in a while we buy expensive gifts for each other like designer purses or bags or phones but we’re always quick to remind each other that our gifts to each other don’t always have to be about the dollar value to it. Most important is the thought. So if I bought her a Miu Miu purse for her birthday, I won’t have to worry about buying her something MORE expensive on her next birthday or Christmas and the same goes for her to me. It doesn’t work that way for us.

When I gave her this present on Christmas morning she first went
“What is this? What is this? Huh?” in a very worried tone.

And when she realized it was my Christmas present to her she went “FATTY!! I thought you said we don’t buy each other Christmas presents??”.

Well yeah that’s true but this time I felt like buying her a small gift. I noticed that whenever we travel she would sleep very uncomfortably with her neck swinging from side to side. When I got myself a neck pillow she loved it but she never got herself one because she was waiting till she found a cute pink Hello Kitty one.

So this Christmas, I managed to find her one. And taadaaa.. Here it is.

All in time for her trip to Japan next week. She loved it so much she couldn’t wait to use it so she brought it along for our road trip to Penang.

Ok I gotta go have a nice family dinner with Shorty now. So here’s a late Merry Christmas from the both of us!


Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve guys!

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