Video of our Meme proposal

Hi Guys,

Shorty and I thought about this for a long time about whether to share this video or keep this to ourselves.

But the crew at Crazy Monkey Studios that helped us put this video together really wanted us to share it so here it is. This is how our meme proposal really happened. Let me manage your expectations a bit ok? Don’t expect reality TV show kind of quality. All this was taken in one take and was what really happened.

At the end of the night one of the crew members asked me if I would like to film the entrance again to make it a little more dramatic but I declined. I said “This video is for me and Aud. We just want to remember everything as it was”.

So here it goes.

PS: Thanks to Crazy Monkey Studio who did a good job filming this memory for us. Follow them on Twitter at @crazymonkeycms

You can follow me and Aud on Twitter @timothytiah and @fourfeetnineaud

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