Nerf Guns in The Office

The latest thing to hit our Singapore and Malaysian offices are the silliest toys of all: Nerf Guns! Nerf Guns are little plastic toy guns that shoot these kind of soft bullets. Getting shot by one doesn’t hurt at all but it’s the anticipation of being shot that scares you.


It all started when Ming and I were in Melbourne. He saw this little toy Nerf Gun and bought a few home to shoot some people in the office. I guess he ended up getting shot by that same little potato shooter so he ended up going to a toy store and buying A LOT of Nerf Guns. It got serious.

We heard about all that action over here in Malaysia and thought… hey why not? We’re always in for fun little things like that to keep the office from getting too serious. So I dropped by Toysrus the other day to pick up this little buddy!

“The Claww!!!!! *points*

And ended up falling into temptation and buying some Nerf guns for the office.

I bought 6 of these hand guns too.

And one of these big ones for myself.

Shortly after… and with little supervision… a war ensued…  A WAR I TELL YOU!

Everyone started shooting everyone else in the office.

The office would be quiet with everyone doing work and all of a sudden you hear someone scream after being shot by these guns.

It is only then that you realize what guns do to a community. It gives power even to the physically weaker. Like Jestina here who always get bullied by people ended up bullying Nicholas just because she managed to get her hand on one of these guns.

People surrender after being cornered also no use. She takes no prisoners. This is her about to take a shot for Nicholas’ balls.

Even Sara who is normally very quiet in the office and normally gets bullied ended up being a bully herself when she got herself one of the guns.

See her evil laugh! Both Jacqueline and her, shooting other people.

Of course sometimes the tables can turn. When Nicholas got his gun he started to fight back.

Karen who was on MC that day felt like she was missing out so she insisted we webcammed her so she could see the ongoing Nerf Battle in the office.

It’s been about 1-2 weeks since the Nerf guns in the office and we still have been playing it every day. In fact now almost everyone keeps a loaded one by his/her table side just in case a war breaks out in the middle of the day. Paranoid la everyone!


My next goal.. is to get one of these. Yeah baby…. then I will TAKE EM ALL!!!

It’s called the Nerf Vulcan. It shoots Ming already has one in Singapore and nobody fuks with a man with the Rambo gun. Maybe we should make it company policy to have some Nerf Guns in the office even in our offices in Australia and Philippines. After all, KL and Singapore’s offices are already armed up.

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