When you want to get away from your woman

Ack.. women…

Who needs these beautiful creatures that make us fly to heaven and back distract us from our everyday chore of being a MAN!

They say you just can’t live with women, but you can’t live without them either.

So every once in a while, a man has got to get away from his woman to spend some quality time on his own with other men.

And where else better to go than PC FAIR at PISA, PENANG!!!!

(Of course if you really want to go somewhere full of men, you could always go to prison. But let’s be good and respectable citizens and keep that out of minds ok?)

That’s right.

Last Saturday all the men in Penang were rushing to PISA causing a massive traffic jam in the area.

The PC Fair wasn’t too bad. Not everything there was as cheap as you’d imagine and it wasn’t really as huge as you would think.

But the amazing thing about it is the experience of… what a friend of mine calls, a “sausage fest” ie a place full of men.

But don’t take my word for it… check it out yourself
‘SAUSAGES’… and more ‘SAUSAGES’…


Yet, it was a little weird.

It was supposed to be a PC Fair so you would imagine the ‘sausages’ there would be wanting to buy.. PCs right?

But no… all the sausages decided that the thing to buy for the year was.. PRINTERS!!!

And not just any printer.. CANON PRINTERS!!!

‘Sausages’ *hugz* Canon Printers.

But Canon was prepared.

They stocked up tons of printers. It was a warzone.

‘Sausages’ vs ‘Sausages’, everyone was pushing their printers over to the cashiers to buy it.

But on some fronts, it was very encouraging to see ‘sausages’ helping other ‘sausages’ push the printers over to the front.


It was almost as if every ‘sausage’ had to own a Canon.

My guess is even the big VIP ‘sausage’ that opened the event bought one himself

Feeling the peer pressure, my friends and I decided that we had to have one as well, eventhough we didn’t have enough money to buy one each.

So the 3 of us sausages shared one.

So uhmm… yeah….. we now have a printer that none of us really know what to do with.

Anyone want a printer bought by 3 sausages?

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