The Entrepreneur’s Pass

The dotcom company that Ming and I have been working on will cover the Singaporean internet market (though we have an office here in Penang to develop our product).

So naturally we planned to incorporate a Pte Ltd company in Singapore but before we could do that, I had to apply for an Entrepass (Entrepreneur’s Pass) which kinda acts like a work permit for me to be in Singapore to work on the business.

The Entrepass application is not like the standard application form you would imagine.

It had to include our business plan, my entire background, work experience and even the academic grades I achieved at university.

I was a little worried that my application may not go through since I would guess that I was among the youngest and the least experienced to apply.

Sure, I may have worked briefly for some foreign investment banks and I may have done a little internet venture that received modest media attention but that’s nothing compared to what an outstanding entrepreneur 10 years my senior would have strapped under his belt (someone like Irfan Khari).
Not to mention, the application included our business plan and needless to say, a rejection could also mean 3 things

1) Our business plan was not good enough (We didn’t do enough homework).

2) Our business idea sucked.


3) The government didn’t believe that Ming and I were good enough to pull it off.

We’ve been waiting for weeks for the answer.

This morning Ming called me up from Singapore.

“I have bad news… your Entrepass application was rejected“.

Ming and I have always tried to remind each other to work under the assumption that NOTHING EVER GOES AS PLANNED.

We had previously briefly discussed a backup plan should my application be discussed but right at that moment, the only words I could utter was

“So how…?”

Ming was quick to answer.

“So HOW?!? It was approved lar!!! That means we’ll be incorporating the Singaporean company soon… WOOHOO!!!”

It occured to me at that point in time to say to Ming
“Leh mah don’t go and play this prank on me lar c*bai”

But I was so relieved I couldn’t get myself to scold Ming.

So there you have it everyone.

Our first little victory after all this time.

This was the first time in this business that something once went as planned.

So thank you Singapore.
Thank you for giving Ming and I a chance to prove our worth.

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