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Drone flying at KLGCC

I spent some time over the weekend doing some drone flying. I have this drone (well it’s my second one after I expensively crashed my first one) that I use every now and then.

I don’t really use it as often as I like to because I don’t really know where to fly it sometimes. But when I do have ideas of where to go I bring it and take some nice videos.

What attracted me to drone flying at first was just to toy of the drone. The technology, the stuff it could do, I would wow and wow at each feature. That novelty wears off quite quickly though and what hooked me after that instead was creating videos.

I’m not very good at creating drone videos yet. I’ve watched a lot of tutorials online and good drone videos really take a lot of creativity and patience, and stable flying. I’ve worked on some of those things, but overall still pretty shaky.

My favourite thing to do is the drone selfie. Which is like what Gin and I did here in this video.

The other thing I really like about drone flying is seeing how things look like from the sky. Very often things look very very different from the sky.

Like this video here I took of the KLGCC golf course. A few years ago when I used to play golf I used to go there a lot. But still seeing it from the sky is a whole different sight. A really beautiful one.

I don’t really know where else to fly my drone in KL. Does anyone have any ideas or any videos that they want to see?

Is this the coolest wedding ever?

I was about to get dressed for Iqbal’s wedding when my wife said “The dress code is festive right?”.

“Festive?” I said… while putting my suit back in the closet.

I quickly looked at the invite again and I realized what I had ahead of me. The wedding invite looked more like a flyer for a gig than the typical white invitation cards we would get for the wedding. Proudly listed in the flyer were the acts that night, the food (all the restaurants at APW from Proof to Kaiju) and drinks like Heineken.

The dress code? Festive. Exactly like what my wife pointed out. I googled Festive to find what people wore to Coachella and well the more recently infamous Fyre Festival and it was lots of shorts and simple casual wear. I thought really hard. Really really hard. It’s like after going for so many formal weddings, it’s like against our nature to go for one so casual. I decided to throw caution to the wind and do it anyway.

When I arrived at the wedding this is what I saw.


The bride and groom had booked out APW and turned it into a festival. The whole scene looked more like an expensive media event than a wedding. There was a food truck and lots of food stores,


a DJ console and a live band.

IMG_20170513_211358 Throughout the venue people were standing around casually catching up with each other. I went expecting that I might not know anyone there but I bumped into a lot of common friends we had. In the warehouse though the party continued.


It was like a club with an open bar.

I was going for a 36 KM run the next morning so I turned down the booze for a Milo. Shorty went for a Kickapoo.

IMG_20170513_201700 Inside the warehouse they played a looping wedding video of the beautiful wedding they had in New Zealand before. Now how would anyone watch the video with EDM blasting away in the background?  Well they had these cool headphones for you to block out all the music and focus on the video if you wanted to.


The best weddings are the ones that best represent the bride and groom. This wedding I thought really represented Iqbal because well.. he’s the guy behind Livescape, who organizes events like Future Music Festival Asia and more recently It’s the Ship.

So it’s a really apt wedding but more importantly a really awesome one.. for an awesome couple.

If I bought the Rolls Royce of Massage Chairs, how long would it take to get my money back?

This article is in collaboration with GINTELL.

Last weekend I went into the GINTELL store in Pavilion and decided to try out their new massage chair called the GINTELL DéSpace UFO Massage Chair. This to my understanding is the “Rolls Royce of massage chairs”.

GINTELL DeSpace UFO Massage Chair Sample Pic

Why Rolls Royce? Well let me tell you what it can do among many other things.

  1. It has this thing called an I-Sensing System that measures your body shape and length from head to toe to accurately provide a “tailor-made” massage experience for you.
  2. It has rollers that reach from your upper back to thigh, even covering your butt.
  3. It doesn’t just massage you but it can stretch you. Like it pulled my feet and really stretched me out. I felt like there was a real person pulling on my feet to stretch my whole body out. Kinda like how you feel in the morning when you stretch out on your own but with a lot more force.
  4. It has speakers at the head rest that you can connect to your phone via Bluetooth to play music.
  5. It can even provide heat therapy.


It was my first time sitting on a chair like this and I gotta say it was a completely different experience that I was used to from the old one I have at home. For one, once I click a switch it lifts my feet up and tilts me to this comfy position as the machinery works to massage me all over my body.


When I say all over, I mean everywhere. Traditional massage chairs normally cover your back and sometimes your feet. This one covered everything including my hands.


It was a great. One of those things I wouldn’t mind getting for Father’s Day (*ahem* if you’re reading this, that’s one month away dear Fighter and Penny. No rush).

So how much does the “Rolls” of Massage chairs cost?


Yep. RM21-friggin-988.

I balked when the sales person told me the price but he was quick to explain that they have a promo now that allows you to:

  1. Get a free DéVano S Massage Chair if you buy one of the GINTELL DeSpace UFO Massage Massage Chairs.
  2. And there is a GINTELL Parents’ Day buy one free one promotion for their massage chairs with the Double Happiness package that starts with RM4,988.

Okay…. great. But still. RM21,988!

Instead of looking at the overall lump sum cost though I decided instead to calculate how long it would take for me to “recover” this investment. Now if I didn’t buy this massage chair and I was super into massages, maybe I would go like twice a week. So I went to check how much a massage in KL would cost.

A typical spa I googled up puts it at RM109.20 (including GST) for a 60 minute massage. That’s a lot of money to pay but there is some pros and cons to that comparison. The pros of going to a spa is that it’s a different experience with trained staff and nice environment. The cons of going to a spa is the inconvenience of it. You normally need to dedicate a couple of hours just to go there, find parking and all that. So the cost may well be over RM109.20.

Now assuming I go for a massage twice a week the estimated cost of that would be some RM11,357 a year. So in two years I would have completely “made back” my cost of the RM21,988 massage chair. That’s a decent ROI because every massage after that is “free” (minus electricity costs) and massage chairs normally last for many many years.

When I put it that way I can understand why people pay that much for a massage chair. The sales staff at GINTELL told me they sell a good number of them every month and just as I was trying out the chair, another customer came in already prepared to make a big ticket purchase for one of these chairs. By the way speaking of the sales staff, I thought their Pavilion outlet had some really good sales staff. I think one of them was named Bryan.. the other.. I didn’t get his name.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-09 at 4.42.51 PM

Anyway if you’d like to check out GINTELL’s new chairs you can check out their website here or the ad below for how the chair works.


3 Weeks Before I Embark on my 42 KM Run


I actually can’t believe that it’s only been like two months since I started training for this marathon we signed up to. At first I was really reluctant and lazy. Convinced that I didn’t want to do it and that I would just go and run as much as I could then take the bus home.

But then my friends seemed enthusiastic about it so I decided to keep to my commitment and give it my best. I’ve been following a running schedule which involves running 3-4 times a week and my weekend runs are getting longer and longer.

2 weeks ago I ran 22.5 KM. Last week it was 26.5 KM and this weekend I’m supposed to do 29KM. Next week 32KM or so.

The marathon? Well that’s 42KM.

I’ve learned there are a lot of things I need to practice too and it’s not just running. I need to practice eating all the power gel and bars and chews while running that will replenish my body with the energy to push myself the distance. If you don’t do it during training, your stomach can feel iffy the first time you do it.

So I went out shopping and bought a lot of these things and boy they’re all not cheap. Whoever said running was free?

I’ve also spent money on 2XU compression tights that is supposed to help with performance and reduce injuries and I initially thought it was just all marketing talk and a placebo but it seems to have helped me. Okay okay maybe that’s placebo effect.

One exciting feeling for me though is for the first time in my life I feel I can run really long distances without stopping. I used to be able to run like… I don’t know.. 800 metres then I would have to stop for a walk. Now I can go on for a long long time.

I’ve also learned that running is better with friends because your friends somehow pressure you to keep going whenever you feel like stopping for a walk.

All in all I have 3 weeks left to the actual marathon. in Phuket. I don’t know how I’m going to cope. I am fully prepared to not finish…. but I find myself now wanting to finish because I’ve put in so much training into it.

The only thing I can’t stand about running or marathons though is waking up early. My marathon starts at 4.30AM. That means I have to wake up at 3AM to prepare everything and then only go for it. I mean who does that? Who wakes up at 3AM? That’s like not sleeping at all.

I’ve also read a lot about how marathons are actually bad for your body and all that. So I think I’m going to stick to doing one marathon and that’s it. I’m not sure if I’ll keep running. I mean I do enjoy listening to my audio books while running because I feel like I’m learning something and exercising at the same time… but well I also do enjoy doing other stuff more like playing badminton.

So okay… 3 weeks to go. Hope I’m all fit and ready for it then. Completing it would be another life achievement unlocked!

How to coach someone out of their problems

Recently Shorty told me she was feeling down because of this problem she was facing in her personal life. It was one of those things where she knew she was feeling down but she couldn’t really pinpoint why. I sat down with her one afternoon and coached her into realising why she was feeling the way she was feeling.

At the end of it, she felt much better and left the room with clarity on why she was feeling what she was feeling. The key to that I felt was good coaching. Something I’ve learned from Entrepreneur Organization.

I’m not going to dwell on the problem she was facing because that’s up to her to tell. What I will talk about was what I learned about how to coach.

Here’s how.

  1. Listen. Like really really listen.

How often are you really listening when someone tells you his or her problem? Very often instead of really listening, we are listening to reply. That means we’re listening… but at the same time thinking about what to reply next.

Good coaching requires us to really understand someone and that requires unconditional and undistracted listening.

2. Pay attention not just the words someone uses but the tone and body language.

This is where focus is very much needed. It’s easy to listen to words but it takes a lot of concentration to pay attention to the words and the body language that come with it. Listen for repetitive words that the person you’re coaching might be saying, Also look out for key words like “Fear” or “Guilty” or things like that which help you paint the picture.

3. Never give you opinion or advice.

Resist the temptation to give your opinion or advice until you’re done with the coaching. Don’t ever judge. That’s not the role of the coach. The role of the coach is to ask the right questions and give the other person different perspectives on their situation. So resisting butting in and saying “I think that you’re feeling like this because…”.

No. Instead ask questions like “How do you feel about this?” then ask “Why?” and “Why?” and “Why?”.

It’s also important that when asking these questions you don’t ask questions that lead a person somewhere. The point again is not for you to lead someone to an opinion you might have. Instead it’s to give perspective and allow that someone to discover their own solutions. Let the person come up with their future options. Not you.

4. Don’t just ask about the situation or the problem that person is facing. Ask about feelings.

Feelings are an important, Many of our problems or the stress we face aren’t just because of the circumstances we’re in but because of how we feel about these circumstances. Sometimes things aren’t as bad as it is but our feelings make it such. So pay attention to feelings because they carry a lot of weight.

5. Have full attention and never be distracted.

Put down the phone and have no distractions around you. If possible maintain strong eye contact throughout the entire coaching session too. The point is to make the other person really feel like you’re really really listening.


I’ve used this coaching technique over and over again for my friends or people around me who need talking to and I’ve found it to be very effective and a very useful skill. I hope it helps you the way it helps me and the people around me.

How I’ve stopped losing my temper

In the past months I’ve been reading a lot of self-improvements books and consciously applying the lessons learned to myself. As a result of that I think I’ve become a better person but the biggest change is that I stopped getting angry or losing my temper.

I’m not going to tell you how losing our temper is bad or how it often makes our situation worse… because you guys already know that. I’m going to tell you how I reigned mine in and it’s not from any habits like counting 1-10 before I lose my cool. It’s just a realisation. A perspective change.

How? I’ll consolidate my lessons in this article because they mostly come not from one single book but a variety of books I’ve read. This is separated into two parts. The first part is about how losing our temper makes us look. The second is the biggest realisation of all that will change your perspective on everything.


Insecure, lack of self-control and a bully. Yes that’s how losing our temper makes us look. Why is it important to not look like this?

Insecurity – Confidence breeds confidence. If we want an investor to invest in us, an employer to hire us or a team to follow us, we need to show confidence.  Losing our temper often offends  people around us and as a result erodes the confidence people have in us. So it doesn’t matter how many times we tell people about being confident or talk loudly… once we lose our temper, we come off insecure because only insecure people need to throw their weight around .

Lack of self-control – People want to invest in, follow or even hang out with disciplined people. Losing our tempers shows people that we don’t even have control of ourselves. How can we expect people to believe we have the ability to control a situation when we can’t even control ourselves.

Bullies – This falls back into insecurity. Have you ever seen a TV  show or cartoon that depicts a bully in school as someone who actually bullies because he’s insecure about himself?  Yep. Coming off insecure is the most unattractive thing that anyone can be. So don’t. Don’t be insecure and don’t bully.

That’s not to say we should never ever lose our temper. Sometimes we should but when we do it shouldn’t be a decision led by an emotional decision but a calculated one that you think will strategically improve your situation. Don’t do this too often though because the more you pull this card the less effective it becomes and the more insecure you look.


Think about the times you’ve lost your cool once. It’s normally a situation where you feel someone has mistreated you and you say things like “HOW CAN YOU TALK TO ME LIKE THAT?” or “I’M NOT GOING TO PUT UP WITH THIS SHIT”.

What do you notice about responses like this? Notice that in these self-defence statements, the word “I” or “Me” come up. A big source of our anger is often our own ego. We think someone has mistreated us and we need to stand up for ourselves and fight back. Here’s the perspective that is going to change your life.

IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU. IT IS NEVER ABOUT YOU. It is about a potentially infinite range of reasons that is too complicated  for you to even think about.

When someone bumps you hard on the shoulder unapologetically when you’re on the bus or MRT, is it about you?

No it’s not about you. Maybe it’s because this person was having a bad day and he’s in a foul mood, maybe it was an accident. Who knows?

When your boss shouts at you because you didn’t do something right is it about you?

No it’s not. Maybe he shouts at you because he’s insecure, maybe he’s had a tough upbringing where shouting and showing dominance is the way to get things he wants or maybe he just doesn’t know how else to manage a team.

We have to resist the temptation to believe that these things that hurt our ego is about us. And when we come to this realisation that our ego is not under attack, it’s normally a lot easier to let it go and not get angry. Not getting angry is half the battle won. Someone can only hurt you if you let them hurt you and if someone makes you angry, they’ve won.

I’ve been practising these principles in the past 6 months. It hasn’t been easy though. I am by nature an emotional and hot-tempered person so I sometimes still catch myself losing it but my wife has seen a huge improvement in me. Things that used to rile me up no longer have an effect on me. Attacks that people do on me just bounce off me without angering me or even having me think about it. Because I realise… it’s not about me and that losing my temper or getting angry about something just hurts myself.

How I’m earning less, spending less but at the happiest point of my life


When I left Netccentric last year, Shorty and I had a discussion in planning our finances in the coming years. I was going to be leaving a position that gave me a good income. The new venture we were going to start was unlikely to be able to replace that income entirely at least for the first few years. So we decided that we had to prioritize (in what we both refer to as our “austerity drive”). We won’t take a cut in lifestyle for the things that we really valued like the kids education, having helpers and a driver and a nice van to send the kids around in.

But we will take a cut in the non-essential things.

  1. We decided that we’ve been for enough overseas holidays in US, Europe or Japan and we could replace those with holidays in Phuket or Bali instead.
  2. We cut down on eating out and ate more at home. When we did go out to eat (for our lunches) we went for hawker food or used discount vouchers from Entertainer or the Maxis app or stuff like that.
  3. We shopped less. A lot less. Shorty used to go out often to buy things she liked but she read this article about how to turn her wardrobe into a minimal set of pieces that could be used to create a wide variety and combination of outfits. I on the other hand used to shop a lot but I’ve cut down everything. We no longer buy anything designer unless it’s with a discount and most of my clothes now are from Topman, Uniqlo and the likes. Not H&M because H&M stuff really don’t last long to me.
  4. We focus our spending instead on experiences or things that could really help us capture our experiences like the drone I bought.
  5. Triggered by our moving into a new place we’re renovating, we decided to pack up and sell a lot of our old stuff. So we’ve been selling stuff we no longer need on Carousell or things like that. Wow the amount of money we raised from all these things that would have otherwise been thrown away surprised us.

It’s been almost 6 months since we’ve made these cuts and here’s what I feel about life right now.

  1. I don’t seem to have anymore interest in designer things or nice watches or even nice cars unless I can get any one of those for a really really good deal. I’m a sucker for deals that way.
  2. I finally know what really makes me happy. Spending time with the kids, badminton on my weeknights, meeting people and working on my new venture. That’s it. Life suddenly feel a lot less complicated. It’s like I used to have to find a stimulus somewhere whenever I was restless. I felt the need to go for a holiday, or to buy something or to just do something. I no longer feel that and it’s liberating. When I have nothing to do, I just enjoy the moment of doing nothing rather than pressure myself to do something.
  3. When I see my friends go for luxurious holidays or buy expensive cars or watches I’ve learned to admire them rather than the tinge of envy I used to feel.
  4. When good things happen to my friends I genuinely feel very very very happy for them. When bad things happen to them I feel angry for them too.
  5. I talked about how meeting new people was one of the things that made me happy earlier. Because of my new venture I’ve been meeting a lot of new people lately and that has brought me so much fulfillment.
I’ve also been reading a lot of self-improvement books and I’ve learned so much about myself. So many things wrong with me in the past and so many mistakes I’ve made. I’ve embraced these changes and even my wife now says I’m a very very different person now.

I used to:

i) Be hot tempered – Now I’ve learned to really temper it all down. I haven’t lost my temper once in the past 6 months.

ii) A chronic worrier – I used to worry about everything and overthink things – Now I’ve learned to compartmentalize my worries and make my thoughts “day-tight”. I only worry about what I’m doing on a day to day basis. I still plan for the future, but I make it a point to only worry about things on the date itself.
iii) Take a lot of things personally and be very emotional about them – I’ve learned the secret of not being like that. I now take nothing personally except myself. I hold no grudges.
iv) I used to be harsh sometimes in the things I say when talking to people – I’ve learned to communicate much better with people. To never criticize and to always listen to people entirely before saying anything.
As a result of all the above things, I feel like my life has changed. The quality of my life has improved very significantly. It’s strange but even though I’m earning and spending less than before, I am the happiest I have ever been in my life now.
One of the books I read had a quote “Happiness is a state of mind”. I’m proud now to say that happiness is a state of mine.

Here’s why I’ve been sparse on social media…

My social media updates have slowed to an embarrassing lull lately. Wait wait I have an explanation (well okay an excuse). The new venture that I’ve been working on starting is gearing up to launch and I’ve been getting really busy.

In the past month I’ve set things in motion for the first product to be built and I’ve started hiring a team. I’m blessed to be able to find two leaders that in my opinion are among the best in their industry.

I find myself doing a lot of things that I haven’t done in 10 years which really reminds me of how things were when we started Nuffnang. I’m doing everything from making the big decisions that tie the company down to million dollar commitments to admin and HR. Heck I realize how much I took for granted back at Netccentric, having a PA, a HR or whoever there was in charge of doing whatever I needed to do.

Don’t get me wrong. I raised a very significant amount of money from some of the most prominent investors and families in Asia so I can afford to hire a big team but I decided that’s not the path I wanted to go down.

I’m blessed. When I left Netccentric, I’ve had investors calling me up and asking me what I was doing next. Some went as far as to say “I don’t care what you’re doing, whatever it is… I want in”.

But with raising money comes expectations so that’s why I shared with my lead investors that I’m not playing a corporate finance game. Success to me won’t be measured by how much money I raise or at what valuation but how profitable a business I build in the medium to long term. Raising money to fuel growth sometimes creates bad habits. We become less discipline about the money we spend and whether we are truly maximising the capital we have.

I am determined not to make the same mistake. So this time I’m negotiating everything down from the big items to the small items. Just last week I was negotiating with a name card printer to give me a discount on the name cards from RM32 per box to RM30 per box (they’re pretty nice name cards so they cost a lot more than the usual).

So I’m really excited about what I’m doing and I feel the pressure mounting but I love it. I miss this feeling really. However I know what I will miss is the time I have been able to spent with my family in the past few months.

I’m now on a family trip to Bali, which is almost like a quick getaway before a really busy period. As I was walking with Fighter in my arms earlier I told him “Fighter I really love you. Daddy is going to have to spend more time at work in the next few months so I will see you a bit less., But I love you all the same and more okay?”.

The other exciting part for me is that in this venture, Shorty is going to be working with me. I’ve always wanted to work with her. Not only do I think she’s the most beautiful and funniest woman I’ve ever met, I think she’s really really smart too and I’m excited about working with her.

So the reason why I’ve been sparse on my social media updates is not because I’ve forgotten about you guys. I don’t and I really appreciate you guys always checking my updates. The reason is because if there’s one thing I really am finding short of now, it’s time and social media apps are designed to eat up time (I still do play my War Robot game though which is a great end to a busy day for me).

I will continue to blog. Perhaps less often but updates will be here so if you want to see my updates without having to check back my blog all the time please subscribe below.

I’ll also still be updating Dayre and all… just in the same sparse manner I’ve apologetically been doing so in the past month.

Let me end though with this picture of Shorty and me… at the site of our new venture.


We know it’s not going to be easy and will possibly take a lot of time before we find success but we’re in for the long haul. Together.

Giveaway: VIP tickets to One-man Star Wars Trilogy

Hello Everyone!

Been a while since I’ve done a giveaway so here’s one courtesy of Milestone Productions.

I’m going to cut and paste the press release here that really describes well what this show is about.

KUALA LUMPUR, 29 MARCH 2017 — This April, international show promoter, event and entertainment specialist Milestone Production will bring you on a ride of a lifetime into a galaxy far, far away. Organised to support United Nation’s International Day of Families, Milestone Production is bringing the critically acclaimed Broadway comedy parody “One Man Star Wars Trilogy” to Kuala Lumpur and Penang. The epic journey across the galaxy will be told through one man’s frenetic talents and energy at HGH Convention Centre Kuala Lumpur on 21 April 2017 and The Wembley’s Grand Ballroom @ St. Giles in Penang on 22 April 2017.

Avid fans (both young & old) will get to relive the epic moments of the first original trilogy series (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi) told through one man’s performing talents. Even if you are not a Star Wars fan, you will be mesmerized by Canadian actor Charles Ross’ talent where he singlehandedly plays all the 40 characters. “Ross makes an impressive Star Wars run in less than 12 parsecs!” quoted Chicago Sun Times and he will wow the audience by singing the music, flying the ships, fighting the light saber battles and condense the Star Wars trilogy plots into just over 75 minutes of live entertainment. Let Ross ; one of the craziest Star Wars fan who have watched all of the series for the 400th time takes you on an epic space journey from mimicking Chewbacca and Jabba The Hutt right down to the battle of Darth Vader versus Luke Skywalker to blowing up the Death Star and the revelation of Darth Vader’s true identity.

One Man Star Wars Trilogy has been performed across the globe for the past 16 years. In fact, Ross has even met George Lucas and received endorsement from the Star Wars creator himself for his production. If Lucas Films itself has given its support to Ross’ endeavours, you can be sure it is worth your time.

It is finally the time for fellow Jedis and Padawans to go onboard the Millennium Falcon and let Ross take you on a journey to a galaxy far, far away. Proudly presented by Milestone Production, tickets for One Man Star Wars Trilogy are now open for sale. Tickets for One Man Star Wars trilogy are priced from RM80 onwards with multiple categories available. Ticket prices are not inclusive of 6% GST and RM4 ticketing fee. For more information please log on to or directly to purchase your tickets. 

I have 3 pairs VIP tickets (each ticket is worth RM213.90 each) to give away. If you’d like them please send me an email at

No contest no nothing; Just a gift for you guys for following my blog, and for a little support to our arts and theatre scene here in Malaysia. Thank you Milestone Productions for bringing in all these acts.

Update: WOW! Lots of demand for this. Sorry guys all tickets have now been given out.

What I learned about the carpet manufacturing industry

This week my friend invited me over to his factory in Ipoh to learn about a whole new business. The business of carpet manufacturing.

This factory I went to has been there for like 40 years or so passed down from his father to him. In a few months time he’ll be moving into a new factory with really nice facilities but I’m glad I managed to visit this one before he moved.


To see where the business was conducted out of for the past 40 years or so.

This is the raw product that he receives from suppliers. Wool.


He then has people that takes this wool and then turn it into ball yarns like this.


Once that’s done it’s all stored.


All with different colours to cater to different designs.

Now comes the hard part.

A projector is used to guide the skilled worker to design the carpet.


Each different colour in the heat map above is marked by a different number to indicate a different colour that goes with the design.

Once the initial part is done it’s hung up on the wall like that.


The workers then use these gun-like equipment to shoot through the yarn to form the patterns of the carpet.

Until it becomes something like this.


My friend’s company supplies carpets to palaces, hotels, homes or offices all around the country. I always thought that most of these carpets just come off some kind of conveyor belt in a factory but actually they’re all hand-made (with the help of some equipment). It takes a lot of work and about 3 months to train a worker on how to do the job before he or she can actually do it.

This is close to the end product of the carpet..


The worker in the blue shirt is using some kind of shaver to create the different gradients that we see in a carpet. Looks like a pretty stressful job to me since a mistake or so could really mess up the entire piece that went through the previous process.

The carpet industry in Malaysia is a challenging one though. The challenges faced are competition from the cheap supplies of China to competition from wood floors or vinyl floors that are easier to maintain and repair.

Carpets though have its strengths. It makes a bedroom feel a lot more cosy and it helps to absorb noise of say high heels walking in a public place.

With all the challenges in the business though there must be some reason (apart from money) that motivates my friend to work. So I asked him what is the thing that satisfies him the most about this business and he said that the carpet is normally the last thing that is put into a room after renovation. Once you put in what seems like the last piece of the puzzle, the room looks very very different than what it looked like before… and complete.

Before we left Ipoh, my friend brought me to the site of his new factory.


A much bigger and nicer place where his carpets of the future will be made.