About Me

A friend of mine just pointed out that my blog doesn’t have an “About Me” page like most other blogs do.

So I’m going to do an “About Me” entry now so anyone new to my blog could learn a bit more about me.

Okay so here goes.

My name is Timothy Tiah and I am 24 this year (2008).Although I now spend most of my time in KL, I grew up in Penang getting my secondary school education in a boy school there called St. Xavier’s Institution. I lived a very typical student life back then, spending most of my free time in cybercafes playing games like Half-Life, Counter-strike and Starcraft.

Whatever time I had left was spent playing table tennis, a sport that I used to be really good in representing my school, and eventually even representing my university when I studied in London.I used to be pretty fit…

but now I am fat.

I’m not sure why but it must’ve been all the excessive ice-cream.
After I finished college, I pursued a BSc in Economics at University College London, apparently the 25th Top University in the World according to a NewsWeek survey. Up till today I still wonder why they accepted me as a student.

The plan was that I was going to be an investment banker after I graduated with an Economics degree. Why? No reason in particular… I just didn’t have a better idea and everyone tells me that investment bankers make a lot of money.

So during my summer holidays I did internships at both JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank, hoping that I would learn a thing or two about investment banking there.

In my final year of university however, I started a joke blog with a friend of mine which marked the beginning of my blogging career.

I got to know a lot of bloggers and began to feel a sense of passion for the blogging community.

It was then where I saw an opportunity for bloggers to get together in one big network and collectively sell their ad space to advertisers and so right after I graduated from university in June 2006, I turned down a job offer from an investment bank and took the biggest gamble of my life.

With with my partner Ming, we started Nuffnang.After spending months preparing the business plan, doing feasibility studies and building the website, Nuffnang officially launched on 27th of February 2007.About one and a half years later, the small team we had grew from a small office in Penang to having offices now in Penang, KL and Singapore. Our Community has also grown and as of August 2008, the Nuffnang Community had over 50,000 bloggers from Malaysia and Singapore alone.Our clients have also grown from the smaller companies that supported us when we were small today to big multinational brands like Nike, Nokia, MAS, HUGO and the likes.

Nuffnang today is pretty well-known as one of the fastest growing dotcoms in the region and we’ve had the fortunate blessings of being in an out of the media quite a bit. We’ve been covered in most major newspapers in Malaysia and Singapore, been on National TV 3 times and in 2007 both Ming and I were nominated by BusinessWeek Magazine as one of the Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs in Asia.

Young is what Nuffnang is… not just by the number of years we have been around but even by the age of the team at Nuffnang and I take pride that such young people are doing such remarkable things.

Of all of us at Nuffnang today, the oldest is 32 years of age and the average age is 24.

Today I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world and it’s not only because I love what I do and the poeple I work with.

It’s because I’ve had the good fortune of meeting the right people that believed in Nuffnang from day one who brought us to where we are today, be it the bloggers that always supported us to the clients that taught us all about the advertising industry and all we needed to know about how to run a company.

Where Nuffnang is today is something that I can’t and won’t take for granted.

I have learned that for any entrepreneur, life is full of its ups and downs even for some of the most successful billionaires in the world that I have read about like Richard Branson or Steve Jobs.

This blog will document my very own ups and downs.

Share with me my joys when I am up… and my tears when I am down.

Thank you for being with me on this journey.

Timothy Tiah Timothy Tiah – Co-Founder of Colony, Kuala Lumpur Co-Working Space