How my wife set me up for a Gotcha on Hitz.fm

Yesterday was a big day for us at Colony. It was the launch of our new co-working space and we were all really busy preparing for everything.

The one special thing about Colony is that we’re in a building where its tenants (residents and commercial tenants like us) can pay to use the beautiful gym and swimming pool on the roof top that is operated by an independent operator. So that allows our members access to these great facilities which go well with our work life balance ethos.

One thing I’m really conscious about though is making the residents feel comfortable with us sharing the space. Even though we all pay management fees to be entitled to it, I wanna make sure we do whatever we can to make sure they’re comfortable with us being there.

Anyway on the morning of our launch I got a phone call from a “resident of the building”….. which then spoiler alert turned out to be a Gotcha call by the Hitz.FM morning crew.

Here’s how it went. Turns out my wife set me up.

Jump to minute 1.22. That’s where the call starts.

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