Why I’m supporting this Malaysian athlete at the SEA Games

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Remember when I wrote about Pharmaton ?

Pharmaton’s overall angle is for people to strive for what people want to achieve. I recently wrote about what I hope to change in myself in 2017 as part of a campaign. Their latest initiative though is to support our Malaysian athletes at our upcoming SEA Games.

I went through the list of our athletes participating and I came on to one that I hope does really well at this SEA Games. His name is Hasihin Sanawi. Now most people would be like… Hasi-who?

Well Hasihin Sanawi is a Paralympic archer who represents Malaysia at the Paralympics. What makes him special to me?

Now Hasihin was a silver medalist at the 2012 London Paralympics but in 2016’s games at Rio he got knocked out before he could get close to a medal. What I like about him was his response to him getting knocked out and you can see it in this old article here.

““I’m sorry for letting everyone down. My form was OK but I could not get going after losing the first set. I tried my best but could not win the third set,” said Hasihin.

Talk about ownership. This guy who finished second in the previous Paralympics and was expected to come home with a medal in 2016 gave no excuses for not winning. While some of us might blame our form, the weather or anything else this guy took 100% full ownership of his loss and said “My form was OK but I could not get going after losing the first set”.

He blamed nobody but himself. That’s what I think make winners. Winners take full ownership of their failures. Hasihin’s upcoming big tournament is the SEA Games and I really hope he comes up on top of that one.

Tim Pharmaton


After my half marathon and marathon this year I’ve decided that I’m done with long distance running. I just find the training really tough.


However if Hasihin wins I have decided that I will do one more. I’ll sign up for a half-marathon next year (probably Standard Chartered) and complete it. Hopefully with a new personal best. And Pharmaton is the enabler for me to achieve my goal and keeps me going every day.

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