Colony Co-Working Space in KL: The first couple of news articles

Colony Co-Working Space KL

We’re just a few weeks away now to the completion of Colony, our new Co-Working Space / Service Office in KL. The renovation process has been a huge challenge for us. It’s a lot harder than I expected in spite of having a great team of people behind it.

News is getting out too so we’re getting an increasing number of enquiries and selling a good number of seats too. It’s been really exciting.

What has also been exciting is the first media coverage to come out so far in the past week.

The first one was this article by Vulcan Post. My colleague was reading it out loud to me when I was driving in the car back from a meeting. At first we thought it was an article that made us sound like any other Co-Working Space out there but as we read on it was apparent that the writer totally got the purpose and the mission of Colony. Ah that rush… that excitement when people understood what we were doing was just amazing. I haven’t felt such excitement in a long time.

The second one was an interview with Firstclasse Malaysia and I must say was from one of the most fun interviews I’ve had. The team behind Firstclass is great and the way the article was written, the photos taken (the photo on top of this entry was from them) and how it all looked in the feature is an experience of its own. I highly recommend checking out their site.

So if you haven’t read these two great articles please read them.

Vulcan Post

First Classe

Or if you’re looking for a Co-Working Space or Serviced Office in KL, please check out Colony.

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