Is this the coolest wedding ever?

I was about to get dressed for Iqbal’s wedding when my wife said “The dress code is festive right?”.

“Festive?” I said… while putting my suit back in the closet.

I quickly looked at the invite again and I realized what I had ahead of me. The wedding invite looked more like a flyer for a gig than the typical white invitation cards we would get for the wedding. Proudly listed in the flyer were the acts that night, the food (all the restaurants at APW from Proof to Kaiju) and drinks like Heineken.

The dress code? Festive. Exactly like what my wife pointed out. I googled Festive to find what people wore to Coachella and well the more recently infamous Fyre Festival and it was lots of shorts and simple casual wear. I thought really hard. Really really hard. It’s like after going for so many formal weddings, it’s like against our nature to go for one so casual. I decided to throw caution to the wind and do it anyway.

When I arrived at the wedding this is what I saw.


The bride and groom had booked out APW and turned it into a festival. The whole scene looked more like an expensive media event than a wedding. There was a food truck and lots of food stores,


a DJ console and a live band.

IMG_20170513_211358 Throughout the venue people were standing around casually catching up with each other. I went expecting that I might not know anyone there but I bumped into a lot of common friends we had. In the warehouse though the party continued.


It was like a club with an open bar.

I was going for a 36 KM run the next morning so I turned down the booze for a Milo. Shorty went for a Kickapoo.

IMG_20170513_201700 Inside the warehouse they played a looping wedding video of the beautiful wedding they had in New Zealand before. Now how would anyone watch the video with EDM blasting away in the background?  Well they had these cool headphones for you to block out all the music and focus on the video if you wanted to.


The best weddings are the ones that best represent the bride and groom. This wedding I thought really represented Iqbal because well.. he’s the guy behind Livescape, who organizes events like Future Music Festival Asia and more recently It’s the Ship.

So it’s a really apt wedding but more importantly a really awesome one.. for an awesome couple.

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