When your son makes your Dad Happy

My Dad doesn’t generally like to appear on my social media platforms but I just couldn’t resist this picture of him and Fighter. In this picture, he’s showing Fighter some video of some animals playing some musical instruments and Fighter seems really happy about it.


I quickly whipped out my photo and took this picture to capture the moment. It’s at this moment I thought about my childhood days, when my Dad took care of me and did all these things with me. I’ve seen many things that made my Dad happy in life. The times when he bought a new car, or when his friends praise him or many other things. But the one thing that consistently makes him happy is his kids and now his grandkids.

This happiness spills down to me too. Many things make me happy in life, but nothing makes me happier than time with my kids. Ten years ago I couldn’t imagine how my kids would look like or be like. Now I can’t imagine my life without them.

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