Used stuff that sell online and stuff that don’t

“FATS! Please throw out all your old stuff or sell them before I do it for you”.

That was when I realized my wife was serious about her spring cleaning warpath. So I went online to start selling stuff.

I’ve sold stuff on many different sites like Mudah but this time I decided to try Carousell. I proudly put together a collection of things that I thought would sell and even threw in some stuff that I thought won’t sell.

Here are the things I put up for sale. Try to guess to see if it would sell or not and I’ll give you the answer below.

  1. A pair of authentic G-Star jeans – RM100


I went through a phase where I loved designer jeans years ago. So I bought a number of jeans like this. When I put them on again I was like woah fug… they were all baggy and stuff which probably was more acceptable then but not in 2016 or 2017. Maybe the trend of baggy jeans will come back again in a few years but not for now.

I thought nobody would wanna buy it so I was going to sell it for RM25. Then Shorty stopped me and said “What? At least RM100. Trust me. I know fashion”.

So guess if I had any buyers for this pair of jeans at RM100.

The answer is….


















In fact I had no interest so I dropped it to RM80 and then to RM50. And still no interest.

2) My old Crumpler laptop bag – RM 20




Shorty was initially offended when I decided to put this up for sale. She said the bottom part was all torn… who would want to buy such a thing?

Well I believed that everything has a price. And it was a good functional bag. So I posted it up along with clear pictures of the torn part at the bottom.

Guess if I managed to sell it?













SOLD! For RM20!

3) Mont Blanc Watch Winder – RM90


I actually won this when I won the Prestige 40 under 40 a few years ago but I’ve never really used it. I didn’t want to throw it away because it was still brand new and it’s a really nice thing. Just not something I use. So I decided to put it up for sale for RM90.

The big question though was who would want to buy such a thing? Are people who would buy a watch winder shopping online for second hand stuff like this?

So did I sell it….?

SOLD! FOR RM90. One guy came about and said that he was buying it for his Dad’s birthday.

4) Authentic pair of True Religion Jeans – RM80


At one point I loved True Religion jeans. So this is the same story as the G-Star one above.

So did I sell it?








Nope. Not a peep. Crickets.

5) My old Adidas running shoes – RM40


These shoes are quite a number of years old. I’ve been running in them for a while and my feet hurt from them when I started to do longer distances. So I ended up buying a new pair of shoes (Nike). I had no use for these shoes and they were taking up room in my shoe cabinet so okay… I put it for sale for RM40. And the answer is….


6) My Scott Addict 10 Road Bike – RM 5,500


Love this bike when I used to cycle. It has taken me for rides over thousands of KMs in its lifetime. It’s also heavily modded. The bike alone costs RM10K but I think all the add ons probably bring it to like RM15K or so in total. I put it on sale for RM5,500. That’s 66% lower than what I probably paid for it and…..






NOT SOLD!!! Not a single offer.


7) My Sony PlayStation 3


Since I don’t play console games anymore I thought I put this up for sale for RM650. The answer….











8) Bunch of old cycling jerseys – RM50



Okay… I don’t know who would buy cycling jerseys that I had worn and soaked with sweat over a number of rides. But these cycling jerseys were taking up a lot of space.

So I put them all up and decided to test the market.








SOLD!! In fact I offered the guy more jerseys and some cycling shorts (I thought hey who would buy my shorts since you know… people go commando in cycling shorts). But he took it. For RM80 he bought almost every cycling jersey and shorts I owned.

He told me that he took it then and sold it to his bicycle group of friends for a profit. So probably a good deal for him.

Okay so of the 8 of the above.. how many did you guys get right?

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