Birthday Present: How my wife decided between Chanel earrings and….

Shorty’s birthday is coming up next month and I’ve been asking her what she wanted. For the past 6 months we’ve been going through a bit of an “austerity drive” to try cut down our expenses. Considering that I’m technically unemployed and any new business I start is going to take time before it properly makes me money.

We cut down a number of stuff like the number of holidays we go for, the times we eat out and the stuff we buy. Shorty has been great throughout this whole time, helping me save money. So for her birthday I said lets splurge a little. I asked her what she really wanted.

She asked for a pair of Chanel earrings because the cheap earrings she has always worn in the past tend to irritate her skin. So she thought she invest in a good pair of earrings. The Chanel one she was looking for isn’t any of the really fancy and expensive ones.

But rather this fairly common (almost sort of entry level) ones.

She estimated it would cost RM1K or so. Okay totally doable.

Then a couple of days ago Shorty decided to go get some glasses made because her short sightedness seemed to be coming back even after her lasik. Her optical shop of choice is this shop called Seen in Sunway Putra Mall. We heard about it because the owner follows us on Dayre. She offered us good discounts the last time we went there and hey if we were going to buy something anyway might as well support our own readers right?

So we went there and alongside buying her pair of glasses, the owner brought out this pair of Gentle Monster sunglasses that Shorty wanted from before. Shorty had initially asked the owner to keep one for her since this one in particular is out of stock but along with our austerity drive she decided not to buy it.

The owner was nice enough to still keep it for Shorty though. So she brought it out and Shorty showed it to me. When she put it on I went WOW. Of course when she told me the price of RM1,600 I went WOW again.

The owner was super nice though and was open to giving us a great discount for the pair. Apparently the last time I talked about going there on my Dayre, a number of you guys went there to buy stuff. I said I could happily buy her this for her birthday instead of her earrings and this was when Shorty had a bit of a dilemma.

On one hand she really liked this pair of sunglasses but she already had another pair of sunglasses that she bought some time back. She didn’t have earrings though. So from a utilitarian point of view, it would make sense to buy the Chanel earrings. Confused, she asked what I thought and I said

“I’d buy a pair of normal (not cheap) earrings and buy these sunglasses. Why? Because I’ve seen a lot of people with the pair of Chanel earrings you like. It’s fairly common whereas I don’t see as many people with these sunglasses. So if you’re going to spend more money, spend it on something that really stands out, rather on something that blends in.”

She decided the sunglasses was what made her happy so she did it anyway. We walked away from that store happy. Oh and as for the sunglasses…. here’s how it looks.


I think they make my already beautiful wife look even more beautiful.

I’m very grateful to the owner for the great price we got so hey if you’re looking to buy a pair of Gentle Monsters or if you’re looking to get any glasses made, please go to Seen at Sunway Putra Mall. Quote “Fourfeetnine” and you’ll get a 10% discount ok.

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