Why I’m super impressed with TNB

When we came back from dinner last night, we quickly realized that half of the lights and air-conditioning in my home were working and the other half not. I went around the house testing all the switches and concluded that one of our electrical phases was down.

The fuse box in our home seemed to be in order so one of the fuses in the outside TNB box must’ve blown. It was 10PM on a Sunday night. Who is going to come help us out?

I decided to give it a shot anyway and called TNB’s helpline. The customer service on the other side picked up promptly and very quickly took down my details and my issue. She said that their response time is to have a team over in 1-2 hours. I was skeptical but hopeful. It was a Sunday night after all.

5 minutes later a technician from TNB called up and said he wanted to come over but he asked me to check if I had the key to the maintenance room. I told him I needed some time to go check with the security guards and he said sure he’ll call back in 10 minutes.

10 minutes later he called back and I acknowledged that yep we did have a key. “We’ll be over in 20 minutes” he said.

20 minutes? Okay that was fast. Again I was hopeful but skeptical. In 20 minutes a team of two technicians showed up at my door. They did some quick checking on this big switch-box right outside our home and confirmed that the fuse of one of the phases had blown.  It took him 5 minutes to replace it and voila everything was working.

I made the TNB report at 10PM and by 11PM I had the technicians over at my place and the power was all up and running again. That’s an amazing response time.

Now here’s what’s even more amazing.

My Dad decided to give them a small tip for their time. He took out a RM100 note and offered it to them but they both politely declined. They refused to accept it even as a tip as they said it was part of their job.

We thanked them and let them go their way. As we closed the door behind them my Dad turned to me and said “Look how good some of our civil servants are”.

Well done TNB!

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