3 Hollywood Actresses that I think are awesome

My wife and I watch a lot of movies together and we generally find ourselves talking about the actresses rather than the actors. For some reason we hardly talk about Robert Downey Jr or Brad Pitt from the movies we watch but we’ll always talk about Emma Stone.

There are 3 actresses that I generally really like though:

  1. Emma Stone

I like Emma Stone because she’s this really pretty girl who doesn’t seem like she’s afraid to make fun of herself.  Like this.

She also comes off in talk shows as really friendly, like if you saw her in public you won’t be as intimidated going up to her to say hi as opposed to say seeing…. Beyonce?

2. Anna Kendrick

I first heard of Anna Kendrick from Pitch Perfect.

I think it’s amazing she can sing but there’s one thing I love even more about her than her singing and that’s how witty and hilarious she is on Twitter.

Here are some of my favourites.

3. Blake Lively

This one really because of this movie.

I first saw her in Gossip Girls years back but I always just thought she’s okay but wow in Age of Adaline… it was really something else.

She’s coming up with another movie that looks pretty interesting too.

One of those lone survivor against all odds kind of movie. I normally don’t like watching movies like this because man it’s stressful but I might watch this one just for Blake Lively.

Also I kinda like her husband Ryan Reynolds too (from Deadpool).

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