I slammed this milk company on social media. This is the amazing way the CEO responded and won me back.

On the 17th of October I wrote this entry on my Dayre.





That Dayre entry was shared around and received some 84 comments, one of which had a link to the company’s official reason behind the whole thing.

It seemed that I wasn’t the only one affected and Farm Fresh Milk was just responding to it. This was their official response.

Dear valued consumers,

Recently there have been a spate of complaints about our Farm Fresh milk curdling and turning sour. Initially we had thought the problem was due to less than ideal handling on the retail level. At the same time, we were also doing everything to examine our operations at the processing level. We then discovered that a very small amount of our yogurt had somehow gotten into two of our filling lines. That explains the slight curdling of the milk and the sourish
taste, without the the typical spoilt milk smell.

We have since isolated these two filling lines. We truly apologize for the inconvenience caused and we understand that this has caused some consternation for you, our valued customers. The curdled product, though it may seem disturbing, was basically an unintended version of “yogurt milk”.

We are thankful for your prompt feedback, and we want to assure you that we are constantly doing our best to ensure the highest quality standards so that you can continue to enjoy the freshest quality milk from our farm. Our apologies again, and thank you for your continuous support.

Further to this, we would like to offer all customers a refund for any bottles of Farm Fresh milk purchased which were not up to the desired quality. Please email us at custsvc@farmfreshmilk.com.my indicating the number of bottles purchased and the total retail price.

I told Shorty to look at how to refund our couple of bottles when she had the time and I left it at that.

A few days later though I received an e-mail from a guy who calls himself Loi. I didn’t know who he was at the time but as I read on and then later Googled his name it turned out that Loi is the CEO/MD of Farm Fresh Milk.

This was the letter he sent me.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 3.35.42 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 3.35.48 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 3.35.58 PM

 I was moved by his sincere e-mail. So I replied him…

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 3.37.01 PM

I thought that was the end of it. And then a few days later Loi sent me another email.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 3.38.40 PM

Within minutes of me reading his e-mail, I received a message from my office that someone had left something for me. I had it brought home and this is what it was.


Loi truly inspired me. At a time of crisis he kept his calm and dealt with tough situations like this with humility and sincerity. Why I say sincere? Because after I had replied him and said I would clarify he need not had gone the extra mile to send me something, or to give 12 bottles to the old folks home instead of the two.

I respect him for that. I’ve always said that my motto in life is that

“It’s not what happens to you but how you react to it that matters”.

I don’t know if I could have done better than what Loi did. He turned a crisis into an opportunity.

I would love to meet Loi one day and I’ll take up his offer to visit his farm. Not just for the cows, but for the man behind the cows.

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  • Eileen Ang

    Wow that’s an impressive service recovery! I would love to try that brand of milk some day when I visit Malaysia!

  • Sim Miao

    Truly inspiring

  • shhh

    And here I don’t usually share any blogpost on social media but this need to be known by everyone. What both of you did is truly inspiring.

  • Raindy Kam

    I love Farm Fresh milk. I also feed it to my both kids and use it on my baking as well.I did experience once of the sour taste before the expired date yet I still sticking back to this brand. I believe no preservation that’s why spoil easily. Hope I can bring my family to visit the farm too.. Wish to educate my kids how hard the cow produce the milk for them 🙂

  • Liew Cheng Yeh

    it’s nice that the company MANAGEMENT (i assume Mr. Loi is the top brass) hear customer’s voice/complaint…


  • Kee Pei Kim

    Like 🙂

  • http://www.biopolymath.net/ Biopolymath

    That must be painful for a company. Mr. Loi did take the complaint professionally and addressed it. Thumbs up!

  • Swee sin

    Farm fresh is my all time favorite! By reading this, I know that I choose the right brand. Will love to have them to open their farm to public one day!

  • lilxcute

    Make me wish that I can support Farm Fresh too :). Good luck Farm Fresh!

  • aster

    I can definitely taste the difference with Farm Fresh. I was surprised I like it more than some Australia brands. Ever since my aunt recommended it to me, I have been switching all my milk choices to Farm Fresh and has been buying more milk than I did before. Mostly because it tastes so well, partly to support local farm. I too did receive a sour bottle before expiry date few days ago from Tesco Extra Midah. But being an entrepreneur myself, seeing such sincerity from top management, I will surely continue to support Farm Fresh.

  • felicia

    i drink this brand too, had encountered thrice experience of its spoilt milk 1 week before its expiry, but the customer service of fb was really courteous and were willing to refund the angry customers- like you I threw the receipt so there wasnt proof that I bought them. I did tell them what happened to the curdling and maybe there was some problem with their line =) i am pleasantly surprised about the email Loi sent back( always wanted to know why did the milk had gone bad)

  • Billy Wong

    Glad it worked out for you Tim. If only other consumers like me can get replacements like you did. My family and I had been loyal customer of this brand of milk. It’s the best tasting one by far. But we had major QC issues with this brand. We usually buy 5-6 large bottles every weekend. Over past twelve months especially the last 3 months, unfortunately, for us, 1 out of every 10 bottles we purchase, had that sour taste. And on the last 2 occasions, it was straight out of a newly opened bottle. Finally we decided enough is enough and we have stopped buying it. I mean, this brand is not cheap but to waste 10% on average to purchase, it’s not worth it no matter how good it is.

  • faizal md khir

    Just happened to me with the brand summerfield. Sour with no spoilt milk smell.

    is farm fresh related?

  • Kah Yee

    Farm Fresh Milk is my first choice always. However, happened twice to me actually. First time I bought from Tesco and second time was from NSK Klang. It’s still within the expiry date but after I open, the milk isn’t taste the same as usual and it’s taste exactly how Mr. Loi explained in the email. End up I threw the newly opened bottle milk. Before read this blog, I thought it was storage problem before display it.
    May we know what can we do if happen to us once again? Appreciate if Mr. Loi able to give us an solution.

    • Ruks A.R

      I’ve been told by a friend if within 3 days of purchase can return to the supermarket we bought from. Provided you have receipt for proof.. even if u drank a fair amount…

  • Tengku Qassim

    Hey.. I used to kena like this also with Summerfield brand..

    The one that got flower picture on the bottle..

    When opened, the milk become yogurt aldy..cluttered like rotten milk..

    My wife said, next time kindly buy more well known brand so that u can hv a better guarantee in terms of quality .

    I dont know whether summerfield is the same company or not.

    To those who r related with Summerfield company, u owe me my milk.

    Kindly compensate me. If not, u’ll lost one good loyal milk customer

    • Hayagooner

      Word of advise when buying liquid protein based products, either it is fresh milk, yogurt milk, recombined milk, flavored (chocolate/ strawberry milk) drinks, soymilk or even other beverages (like Milk Tea): Always open the product, smile first or rotten smile, have a taste before you swallow the entire milk and never pass directly to a kid. It is not rocket science that liquid protein based products have very short “shelf-life” and fresh milk is even more sensitive to heat & having the “cold-chain” constrain. Yes you can’t fully blame the milk manufacturer alone, sometimes it’s the way supermarket handling the milk will affect the quality as well.

      There are small lies always from all parties, truth hurts:-
      1. His wife buy Farm Fresh not because she like the brand or flavor, simply it is among the cheapest fresh milk in Malaysia market. Yes everybody like cheap, cheap chocolate, cheap margarine. Wonder why it can be so cheap sometimes.. hehe.

      2. Don’t be fooled by the hard work of milking ladies & working hard to beat the MNC. It is foreign worker that been forced to wake up a lot earlier than their boss and been paid less than USD240 (All thanks to deflation of Ringgit) a month. Farm Fresh just won the market by shear cheapest fresh milk in the market, yes we Malaysian likes everything cheap aren’t we.. End of the day the milk producer like all businessman – to make money only, his passion is money. Not sure about logic of “Those Australian Milk will one one month old when reaching the shelves”, as like Farm Fresh is not using milk from Australia?

      When we talk about fresh milk & cow industry in Malaysia it always boils up my blood. Government funded project like our cow farms and dairy milk industry always having the same old story – wasting public funding for pocket money of certain people. There were never enough of fresh milk in Malaysia (since Merdeka!, gosh don’t know why). Although Malaysia government did “tried” to spent on few projects, not sure what it is the end results (not been informed). Big portion of the fresh milk is imported from Aus/ NZ in frozen or chilled form in tanker before been repacked in Malaysia. So the Aussie lady need to be proud as well!

      Sadly in Malaysia, food defence program for SME (even some big scale) food & ingredients processing plant was never strictly enforced, although Jabatan Haiwan claimed to performing annual checks. So majority of the small scale food processing still “skipping steps” as you put in nice word. This is mainly due to cost saving mentality not will/ or no money to invest in correct facility and equipment to produce such sensitive food. But to relief you compared with other developing countries we still slightly better.

      RBD applicable to all lipids (fats) auntie: corn, coconut, palm, cocoa, olive, seed etc. Hydrogenated oil is the name you should scare of.

      Did I talk too much? Sorry.

  • gonzales

    I would love to meet the man too. As well as to see his farm. His milk ladies must be a happy lot as it sounds like he puts in lots of love and pride into the farm. Kudos for handling the crisis well, but sounds like the process from production to distribution can be better monitored and/or improved judging from the numerous experiences of the many customers here. Maybe the milk just a stabilizer or something.

  • Joanne

    Was quite sad when I saw the dayre post asking people to boycott the milk coz Mr Loi is one of my church members and it’s also a brand from my hometown. Glad it turned out this way!

  • Mohammad Taufique


    Problem is still occurring, we just opened a few bottles to test and there have been 2 instances of sour milk. Also, the person handling. The supply chain is absolutely horrendous to deal with. promises of delivery gone in the wind. Otherwise, the bottles that are okay are decent, but with all the peripheral problems, won’t use it most likely at our soon to open shop.

    • http://www.twitter.com/erickmojojojo Erick Hilmansyah

      maybe your batch is still the old faulty batch? anyway. just use other brand for several weeks and get back to try this honest milk brand.

  • NotSoFresh

    oh please mr loi… we have been using your milk for 3 years before we decided to stop this year. we use over 1000L a month. in the early days, your milk & yogurt doesn’t measure up to its stated quantity. some days your milk tasted like it was diluted. some days the milk & yogurt taste rotten. This year you changed your delivery team a few times. some days, milk were delivered not in a chiller truck. Milk delivered were around 22C. it was supposed to be around 4C. your delivery team told us they are not being paid. Perhaps you should spend more effort in solving your internal issues and milk handling.

    You all wonder why farmfresh milk always spoil? i bet it’s down to the handling of the milk after it left the factory.

    At the rate mr loi is giving out free gifts to mr tiah here, we will need to rent a warehouse to store all the free gifts from all the spoiled milk we received. But of course, we never receive any compensation and not even an apology.

    On another note, earlier this year, farm fresh wanted to introduce a new milk brand called hokkaido milk. you may think the milk was sourced from japan? but no, it was sourced from Australia.

    Good luck and enjoy your dairy dose from mr loi.

    • Evelina Hashim

      do you know that every “fresh milk” you drink it has a little bit of cow’s puss in it due to the suction of the cows tits? Watch earthling and you’ll get the bigger picture.

    • waterbear88

      he taught this publicity stunts of buying out the blogger could shadow the problems of bad quality control they have, i have stop and buy their milk on and off as well, i complain to my local tesco, but seems they cant help it as well, unfortunately my mom prefers this than HL, i have to randomly gamble, i found out stock from Aeon has lower chances of random bads stock than tesco though… still i tend to buy this brand less if possible.

  • Shima Rinoa

    I always buy this milk. At first I bought it just because the packaging is cute and it is so handy to grab and drink. The taste was not bad too and I can feel the freshness. Perhaps I’m lucky not to have the foul one like your experience. After reading this I’m promising to myself will support local brand. Touched by the story 🙂 one day I hope small children, me myself, and many levels of society could have a visit to the farm.

  • Christine Chong

    Hi, when comes to Yogurt, this is the only brand i will buy. Because it has the lowest Carbs contains and carbs = sugar will cause inflamation and diabetes in us. I will not change to any other brand. Glad to read all this response esp from Mr Loi.

    • waterbear88

      u can make your own yogurt with lower carbs too,its very easy actually.

  • Stephy Tung

    Hi Juliana,

    I’m agree with you on reading the labeling of food. Could you share more knowledges here to benefits us ?

    Appreciated ! Thanks

    • Juliana Phang

      Stephy, it is a closed group and you have to be invited in. It’s called “Love Low Carbs, High Fats Ketogenic”. If you can’t get in, just Google Keto. You will find tons of info from this new lifestyle where people are learning a lot about how toxic our foods can be. I encourage you to avoid foods that have plenty of chemicals. You will be surprised how dangerous even simple things like creamers can be. If you don’t believe me, read its label. All the best!

  • Ee Wenhui

    i bought 3 bottles of those ‘yogurt milk’ too LOL, wow he knows how to handle the complain really well

    • clemon

      go complain den u can get free milk

  • munez

    My sister did purchased this milk last week, unfortunately this milk turned to sour, maybe the problem came from retailer or milk itself
    Perviously we did also purchased this the taste is similar with dutch lady milk with the price slightly cheaper..

  • http://qiderfirdaus.com Qider Firdaus

    I love Farm Fresh so much, and had countless time bad luck with sour milk, I thought because of poor handling..

    I first bought this brand because they claimed organic. 🙂

    • waterbear88

      same here my last three was bad, and all three taste different one is watery, another sour, and one is abit sour, its very random, but i found stock i got from aeon has lower chances of screw up, than tesco

  • Qi Koh

    In initially stages of production was Good. But since mid 2015, most of their batches are faulty. Best to avoid this inexperienced brand

    • waterbear88

      they are not inexperienced but rather not responsible or committed enough on their quality control as a food manufacture

  • jaslyn

    omg Same thing happened to me as well. I thought I had encountered few times of bad luck. Luckily i’m not the only one. Really hope they will improve their quality and freshness of the milk. It causes wastage to the environment and our money as well 🙁

    • waterbear88

      only way to solve this is they provide instant refund at retailer to guarantee their quality of assurance, its how oversea product does it over there, this way it will force them to step up their QC game.

  • Amy Nad

    jangan letak susu ni di bahagian pintu peti sejuk. sebab once we open it, then kita letak di bhgn pintu peti sejuk. memang akan cepat basi . sebabnya.. tahap kekerapan kita buka peti sejuk mempengaruhi. so kalau da buka susu ni, letak d bahagian dlm peti sejuk. saya peminat tegar susu farm fresh. saya pun pernah lalui apa awak lalui. so my advice is, jgn letak susu yg telah di buka d bahagian pintu. 🙂

    • bakaneko

      Yes, baru tahu pasal bende recently.. patut lah susu tu cepat rosak lepas buka….

  • muhaimin

    Well, there is a slight possibility he Mr Loi went the extra mile because he knew who Timothy Tiah was and his influence in the society. But I could be wrong…

    • waterbear88

      its publicity stunt and marketing opportunity lah , easy decision, so cheap 12 bottle sample and two generic marketing theme emails will make the blogger sell out d.

      • cicakyo

        fair but then how come other CEOs don’t adopt this approach.

        • waterbear88

          other ceo ‘s product has high QC and sales, doesnt need to use such lame publicity stunts to gain ads and revenue via cheap ass bloggers

    • Ruks A.R

      I’d like to prove you wrong on this, I’ve contacted Farm fresh before on two accounts, and honestly in Malaysia we rarely get good customer service esp one that doesn’t feel picked out from a script. I FB messaged them, and they respond rather quick. They also offered to replace my milk. Their response is heartwarming and genuine. They didn’t pin the blame on others, and took responsibility over their product.

      • muhaimin

        Good to know:)

  • Looi

    Farm fresh was my choice for past two years but after I bought them with the aluminum lid wasn’t sealed properly for twice in diff time, I gave up. I bought Australia fresh milk in pink for now.

  • Rapheal Azrin

    I had that issue with HL milk few times, and many attributed to the logistic distribution issue of bad handling, and of the truck frequent opening and closing, caused the temperature increase and “bomb”. However, having had so many bad luck and a year stint with the food industry, I grew wiser and appreciate the hard work those farmers put up with, earning as low as RM0.60 per liter of milk.

    Constructive criticism is great on your part and I salute you to it. Well done Tim, With great power comes great responsibility and I wish many more bloggers be more proactive in giving better solutions than just merely complain.

    R Azrin

  • Shinyi Tai

    Adoi! It didn’t cross my mind to vent my anger via social media channels which I usually would have done when I had the same “yogurty-milk” & my hand was too fast pouring them into the sink! I think I’d the same batch based on the date you mentioned above. Gggrh…if I knew it’s yogurt then would have consumed it 😛

  • Alisya Lyana

    Lol when I read this all I thought was, never saw this brand in my life, must be foreign. Then u said shorty, then I was so sure this must be in America. Then I read Malaysia, johor. Daym what brand is this and who u calling Shorty??? Lol

    • SinoKadazan

      His wife nickname is Shorty

  • Daniel Ng

    He’s not UMNO farm and cows. So no one will know. But they will be international brands.

    Keep it up. I will look out for this brand.

    Unlike Malaysia UMNO NFC. 200 million …. and Cow Queen got only condo and a few steak house.

  • http://www.reloadfood.com/ Reload Food


  • Melvin

    I have stopped drinking that brand of milk after I found several bottles of my purchases were not properly sealed. Although it did not taste bad, I threw all of it.

    • waterbear88

      bad quality control is no excuse, simple publicity stunts will not reassure others it wont happen again, i had 3 bottle effected, i just throw it a way and change brands , wont rant about it and then sell out and help promote about it again.

  • VinSen Chin

    This is inspirational. Not so much the circumstances and outcome, but as a story of how adversity bred greater value of understanding and appreciation because of great communication. It doesn’t matter if you started off as a farmer, or being pissed off at your breakfast.

  • bakaneko

    I usually stick to this brand(but it is kinda hard to find in my area, always out of stock) because :
    1. It tasted like real milk.. well, almost.. my uncle used to work at a cow farm for many years so when i was a kid, we were well supplied with farm fresh milk everyday… so i know what real milk shòuld taste like.. all the other brands on the shelves these days tasted like plastic milk…
    2. Because it’s a malaysian product.. i am not the most patriotic person but i do try to give a local company a go before deciding if they suit my taste/lifestyle… i gave it a go, and it suited my taste so since then i made it part of my grocery list..
    And so far, i’ve had not had problems with this product.. maybe just my luck..

  • Dyang

    Sebenarnya banyak lagi brand lain yg bermasalah.Saya pernah beli kat 7 E sekotak susu coklate yg dah basi rasa masam& bau,dan tarikh luput pun masih lama lgi.Kemudian sya segera menukarkan yg lain dan mendapati juga sama basi,akhirnya sya menukarkn brand yg lain dan pekerja 7E tu pun segera mengeluarkn kesemua minuman kotak itu.Anda nk tahu brand itu? Brand yg lgi lebih terkenal di Malaysia iaitu MILO

  • Ilmam Saringat

    Usually you can just trade back the milk where you bought it, no big deal. Ive done this at giant/tesco multiple times without receipt. Sometimes milk just gets bad i guess?

    • waterbear88

      same here, just need to exchange no need emo about it and start a boycott childishly, then again this also shows how easy the blogger is bribe, mere 12 bottle samples, his integrity is just that much valued, and how terrible the company threat their production quality control, i scare to imagine how much worse can things goes wrong there.

  • Shahriman Monteiro

    Because of this, I’ll start drinking Farm Fresh Milk. Not just he is a responsible person, he respected the cow by calling them ‘Lady’. I’m touch.

  • ahmad shahid

    the cafe latte is quite nice actually. better tasting than most of the overpriced coffe shops

  • cindyrina

    I am a big fan of this brand. I lvoe the cafe latte. I like the way the ceo handle this issue. Truely professional!

  • Mushroom

    What a great service recovery.

  • Minah Berry

    oh my…no wonder my mom suka sgt dgn brand ni..gonna buy this farm fresh for my family ..looking forward ur blog post about his farm ..soon

  • Raja Kapoor

    kadang-kadang kena tgk jugak cara penyimpanan susu. setengah org beli fresh milk lepas tu ronda-ronda dlm shopping complex more than an hour. simpan susu yg di beli tadi dalam bonet kereta..kereta da terkena sinaran matahari yang panas..ini pun boleh menjadi punca kerosakan susu..just to share my 2 cents 😉

  • Leonard Gan

    is a wow when i saw your post on FB on this milk. i faced the same problem as well and that was my first time buying this milk from giant hypermart 2 weeks ago (try it is bcoz of the bottle and price)..i also thought that i am in bad luck and thinking that this company’s milk so fast turn sour within 2 days..hmm..anyway, good response from the boss, will try again on next badge..hopefully they improve..

  • http://jameswoo.net/ James Woo

    Great response from Loi, the CEO. We had our share of sour/bitter milk from other brand as well. If is hasn’t gone bad, you can turn it to cheese. Don’t have to dump the milk down the drain.

    • Jane

      mee too bought 2 days ago ..open today 27 November but sour taste have to throw away …so bad. Expired date is 11th November 15.

  • cicakyo

    We’ve tried this milk a few times and like many others have shared , the susu does get spoilt fast even the most recent time we bought it like a couple of weeks ago (hubs told me not to take this brand again and i didn’t listen). So Mr Loi is very inspiring, but something is wrong somewhere. Hopes he looks into it quickly. Just 5 mins ago I was sharing this article with my friends and while they agree it’s inspiring, my friend said she experienced spoilt milk too though she didn’t have problem getting a refund from Giant.

    • Nilofer Mahmooda

      After opening this milk does get spoilt very quick. means it’s fresh and doesnt contain any preservative which is a good thing..and the bottle also says best consumed within 3 days…I’ve always loved this brand and will continue to..

    • Jane

      can ask for fund ? i throw away 🙁

  • Joe Lim

    This CEO exemplifies leadership and commitment to the highest level

  • Agnes

    So far so good for me as I’m been buying both their milk and yogurt for years….could be affected by the logistic and storage problems I feel in different supermarkets. I get mine usually from Jaya Grocer and BIG and no problem at all!

  • Jonathan Lim

    True I did try some milk brand and it tasted too sweet.

    • Juliana Phang

      Jonathan, read the labels and find out how many artificial ingredients and chemicals have been added to the milk. FYI, there are 61 names for sugar that are cleverly used by manufacturers to cover the existence of sugar in your foods. God created grains but Man has RBD – refined, bleached and deodorised most of them. That’s why they are also unsafe to eat. To tell you all a very safe note, do take dairy products from NZ.They have the highest standards in this industry. Get rid of all your cooking oils and go for coconut and palm oil. These two oils have higher nutritional values than even olive oil. Read and research more and you will be very surprised what you find.

  • piggie

    I’ve had spoilt milk from Goodday before, bought from Giant. Wrote a complaint on their site and their staff delivered fresh milk plus other products to my door! Turned out to be the storage/handling.

    I like Farm Fresh milk as well, taste better than the rest to me imho. Dont / give up on him!

  • vincent

    I also had same case like this not once but twice that the milk was sour even date expired still have 2 weeks.. I bought on 2015 March at JB shopping centre. so really surprise me say that the sour milk because of new yogurt brand. There should have ISO standard and quality control during process before distribute to outlet.

  • biju420

    i got shocked after see this articles , two days before i also face same thing. i bought milk and when i open it is smell like spoiled bad way.

  • Myocho Kan

    A great customer experience story… permission to share?

    • timtiah

      Go ahead

  • flik

    I truly believe his reaction is also a reflection of your well-mannered review, tho you did ask the whole world not to drink their milk… But you didn’t jump the gun and did give a second shot to reassure. Honestly, when a product like that was found bad, there are more than 1 reasons and not necessarily the manufacturer’s fault.
    Just hope more take after you and not start snapping and posting away before the facts behind the scene could be explored.
    Good share. (thumbs up)

    ps. if you need help with the milk & latte…. (ahem)

  • Natsu Suzumiya TB

    truly im touch by the email too!!

  • Mimi Mokhtar

    I bought 2 botles of 1 litre from tesco kota bharu yesterday. Farm fresh. Fresh milk the one with orange lid. Tesco offering at 5.99 againts original 7.99. Exp date nov 2015. Yup it does taste funny. Not like the usual one…where you can taste the freshness. ‘ ada rasa lembu’ my son said…but yesterday one, theres a definate tinge of sourness. I thot thats y tesco ‘cheap sale’ it….Fresh Farm still the best brand for our family….dunno abt the other bottle…

  • waterbear88

    What a superb marketing strategy,ever readers will floods to buy this brand now lol.. there is no such thing as bad publicity, its how u use it to your advantage. blogger is subconsciously be used as a marketing tool for mere few bottles of yogurt and milk,kinda cheap as a sell out.

    if the blogger was so understanding as an entrepreneur and all,why rant about merely two bottle of bad milk if he has taken it over 2 years, common sense should have told him, just bad luck due to manufacture’s bad Quality control before ship, if he decide to really take a stand, why sell out by mere bottles of free samples, have some principle man. if they can fail buy such bad qc what to say it wont happen again nor worse thing could happen ?

    ps: i brought 3 carton ,all three are effected too, but i dont rant about it, just give tesco feedback and move on my life, ranting over a milk and asking other to black list it , is well, childish .

    • Human

      He’s a human first before an entrepreneur. I do not see what is wrong with ranting out about your dissatisfaction on a product as a human. Even if it’s a marketing strategy, it’s a good one. I don’t see why you need to be so mean.

      • waterbear88

        its not mean , its being human as u quoted , im just a realist and see things as it is. As for this being a good marketing strategy? lolx, i hardly doubt so, more like desperate way to cover their lack of Quality control in handling food production, a dangerous mistake that its consumer will pay for the price if such other much serious accident ever happen. Instead of getting more assurance of improving their quality control but to bribe a bloggers, well, that shows how committed their ceo was to preventing such incident repeating itself.

        • beez

          good god man you’re obsessed… step away from the keyboard and go out and enjoy life instead of wasting your time ranting on the internet about “feminazis” and how everything in life is a farce, AMOS…

          • waterbear88

            err so u are implying u have no LIFE? jeez u should follow up your own advise then ..

  • kakmidah

    Before reading this article I thought I was the only one “unlucky” customer… had to return half a doz. bottles on two (2) separate occasions last week to TESCO Bkt. Puchong, and was promptly refunded but decided Never to buy again! Now after reading this, I might just change my mind… 😉

  • Vigneis Naray

    Insipiring . I would love to meet this man too . As a medical student , many doctors tend to flip when there’s a crisis . Yes everyone is stressed and yes it’s tiring ,but with good teamwork and a good boss ( consultant ) I can assure all housemans or medical officers would be functioning as a compassionate and welcoming doctor.

    Truly inspired .

  • Mezza

    uhm.. i actually had the caffe latte some weeks ago and felt it tasted horrible, like the worst packaged coffee ever. now that i’ve read that some of you loved it, and together with the yogurt issue, i think i’ll give it a try again. for the love of milk! <3

  • Evangeline Raj

    I love their milk, it’s the yummiest, great for making drinks, for cooking, or for cereal! And Mr Loi loves his cows, that is a plus in my book!

  • NightFelix

    Okay, I think i should buy one and try then…

  • Pui Kei Voon

    Hi Tim. I read your post. I really amazed by this company so I bought their milk on Sunday. I drank it yesterday and it was okay. However, this morning when I drank it, it has became sourish. I had poured it into my kokocrunch. There goes my bowl of happiness 🙁 The milk’s expiry date is 17 November.

  • Denver Leow

    This Loi guy is really professional~! I have drink this milk product before and find it taste good (not to mention also the nice bottle). I did face the same problem that you had and few things my wife found out to avoid this problem,
    1. Can’t have fresh milk out from fridge too long, so when you go shopping, make sure this is the last thing you take before check out.
    2. Consume the milk within 2 to 3 days after it is open.
    3. The supermarket ladies/guys left the milk not refrigerated when it arrived at the supermarket causing it to spoil (this is what feedback from supermarket) and they are willing to change a new one for you if you return the spoiled bottle & with the original receipt.

    Hope it helps~!

  • Kuah

    It was commendable for the CEO to respond though it came across as too lengthy and sickeningly self-promotional after a while. I had to bring myself to finish reading his email.

    • waterbear88

      it is after all, marketing opportunity and stunts … 12 bottle samples bribe the blogger and able to train him to do tricks.

  • pixelhil

    Been buyin Farm Fresh ever since it came out…used to get spoilt milk last time….but havent encounter it ever since we started bringing chiller bag to store the milk immediately…and alway move the bottle slighly to check that dont have any “coagulated stuff” on the top part… we just need to know how to keep our milk….after all they dont contain preservative right

    • waterbear88

      its not about keeping the CEO openly admitted its their production mistake , without proper quality control to assure contamination of their production, such huge mistake he just send 12 bottle samples to a blogger hope he help hide their incompetence .

  • Janet Peterson

    Oooops I encountered this too these past two months and vowed never ever to buy again. Being a diabetic I enjoyed Farm Fresh full cream milk very very much but then when it turned sour i just felt like I was pouring $$$$ down the drain.

    • waterbear88

      i feel u same here, but unfortunately i have to buy it for my mom, force to return everytime it has issue, lucky local tesco acknowledged this problem and willing to help

  • Ct Nur Hasima Hash

    same me.. had buy this product but hmmmmmmm….. i dont want to say more word.. i just stop buying it..

  • Suresh Wong

    Troll alert.
    The grammatical prowess of the letter and the iPhone reply is not consistent.

  • Andrew Chiam

    I’ve sent them an email this morning. Almost 3 hours and still no reply. Are they bias? If I still don’t get any reply, I’ll move on to FarmHouse I guess. I’m giving them 3 days.

  • CheeHo CHAN

    I have also sent my email for more than 12 hours already yet there is still no replies from Farm Fresh…… Guess I am not a well known Blogger so they wont layan my refund request la… 🙁

    • waterbear88

      its a stunt to shadow their lame QC mistake, and unless u are a cheap ass blogger with tons of followers, u aint getting 12bottle of samples set.. lol

  • teck man phoon

    Bro, how much u got paid for this ad? Btw farm fresh did not start from small company la. They got free cows, free processing plant from govt and govt contracts.

  • mae

    Wow….that was my respond after reading through all the emails and comments. I had encountered the same over last two months, in three occasions we’ve got faulty milk. Though I do have in mind to log a complaint if I come across this problem again the fourth time. But fortunately, we have it in good condition thus far. We need some very responsible businessman out there like Mr Loi and of course consumer like Timothy in order to have check and balance whether in business world or community works. My salute to you guys and keep the world beautiful across gains it suppose to be.

  • http://gabhiiconman.blogspot.my/ GFC

    At least not dodgy.

  • Zhwan Dilshad

    I bought Fresh farm from Tesco for times. The milk was always spoilt. I decided to boycott your product. Sorry for that. Thanks,

  • Andrew Ho

    When you expect milk to still taste the same as when you first opened it, two days after you opened it, imagine the amount of preservatives you’re drinking in. Natural frsh milk is organic foddstuff. They’re best drink fresh and not longer than a day’s old. I know since I grew up drinking freshly squeezed milk from the udder (into bottle, and then boiled, of course) and the milkman delivers it daily to my house.

  • fabio bortolami

    interesting post. I have been experiencing spoilt milk well before the expire date on most of the available fresh brands in the supermarkets. The main reason for it, it is not the poor quality but the lack of full respect of cold chain, which, in a hot country like Malaysia, spoils everything even in the laps of minutes. Up to now i consume Farm fresh because it has been the brand which gave me LESS of these very frequent cases. First to blame are for sure the supermarkets and their way to handle fresh stocks.

  • wanderlustdream

    somehow i feel like these incidences of spoilt milk is can also be due to the handling and storing of these milk by the supermarkets…even the freshest and highly quality controlled milk left out in less optimum temperature is bound to spoil, even more so for this brand that doesn’t contain preservatives…i think the CEO needs to delve into the root of the probllem of preserving the quality of their milk after they are distributed and delivered to the shelves, esp so with increasing rise in temperature in tropical countries.