Things Shorty & Fatty Say #336: Debate

Wow I realized I haven’t posted a Things Shorty & Fatty Say in a long time. So okay here’s one.


I was having dinner with Shorty a few days ago before watching a movie. During the dinner Shorty was debating something with me and I had a moment. For that one moment I was reminded why I love hanging out with Shorty… because I find her really intellectually stimulating.

So I got out my phone and took a few pictures of her while she continued to lay out her argument for whatever we were debating about.



Then after she finished…

Me: I love that you’re so smart.

Shorty: What what? Smart in what?

Me: Smart like you can debate and I like how you can relay your points really well and they make sense.

Shorty: Do you know what is debate?

Me: What?

Shorty:  Debate is the de thing you catch de fish with.

Me: Huh?

Shorty: De bait… as in “the bait”. AHAHAHAH.

Me: I take it back. My wife is an idioto.

Shorty: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA take so long to get the joke. Who’s the idiot now?

Me: -____-

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