New Outfits

So while we were in Tokyo I suddenly decided to make a change. I decided that I wanted to dress better. When I first met Shorty I would put more effort into my dressing well.. because I was courting her.

Over the years however that has deteriorated. I started getting lazier and lazier and ended up wearing only t-shirts and jeans for most of my days. Even at work.  The jeans I wore… were all baggy.. because I didn’t like how skinny jeans were tight and gave me little room for me to pocket things. I dressed to be comfortable.. not to look good.

It dawned on me I guess that I was being selfish. Shorty never let herself go. She still put in a lot of effort into making herself look good… which in turn makes me look good. So why shouldn’t I look good for her. So I decided to put in more effort.

In Japan I appointed Shorty my “stylist” and we went to shop for a new wardrobe. I started doing #OOTDs on my Dayre and my Instagram and here are the results over the past week.



Shorty loves layering. That means wearing layers on top of one another. I always avoided that because it’s really hot in Malaysia. And heck I did find some shirts that were “fake layering” that means they look like two years but are actually just one. But even then it’s really really hot.

Shorty said however…. “Nobody said fashion had to be comfortable”.



I do think Shorty has great taste though. She knows not just how to match colors and all but also to add something unique but not to go too far. When I tried to add something more… like a neck chain or something she knows how to say… “No… too ah beng”.

My guy friends on the other hand have been wondering if I had fallen ill or something. They think my #OOTD shots and all are really “gay”… in their words. Well I’m not homophobic and in fact I have a lot of friends who are gay…. so being called “gay” for doing something doesn’t really make me wanna stop doing it.

Here’s the last one. Since today is Labor Day I decided to wear something more casual.


But I love the t-shirt. It’s so cute and has this furry thing on the front. Also approved  by my stylist. Heh.

I just wonder how long this will last. Hehehe.

What do you guys think of my new style?

PS: Oh… and funny thing right. It’s only one week since I’ve had this new style and I’m already getting clothing brands who are reaching out to me to style and wear their stuff. Haha cool… maybe I can be a fashion blogger. LOL.

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  • sgrmse.

    that IS very cool! the first straight male fashion blogger? i’d like to see that! (y) more power to you, man.

  • Grace

    Cute!! Wifey did a great job!

  • Kristie

    This is so cool! You shouls continue this as long as possible 😀 aud did such a good job! and maybe you can try reybeing a fashion blogger xD

  • airmeli

    I also think Audrey has great fashion sense. I too hoped my husband is as daring as u. 🙂

  • msbulat

    Actually I think your last style suite you best hahahahah don’t know why. Just a feeling

  • Aicha

    Ah! Timothy! Those are perfect for you! As a girl who used to raise my eyebrows at fashionable men, your look is simple but so well put together than most guys I see (but still gives the air of being laid back and boyish!)nnYou and Audrey are a fantastic pair

  • ahlost

    Woooaaahhh.. i love all your outfitssssss.. and yes..i think you should continue doing OOTD

  • Anonymous

    like how you are open to challenges. A suggestion to perhaps change the hairstyle as well?

  • Anonymous

    haha tim!! i realize all your style, you never ever tuck in your shirts!!! 😛

  • Anonymous

    love Audrey’s style! who says its gay. tsk.

  • Dee

    I think you are being more than being fashionable here!nYou willing to step forward to dress up.. Taking initiative (: its stuff like this that makes a solid relationship.

  • pink

    Shit lo…the boyfriend and I both let go after we got together. Like only on special occasions will I dress up and he would go WOW…then every other day he will say I look good even if I don’t purposely dress up. But before I got together with him also not like I always dress up la. =x And he is always with his t-shirt and shorts. Maybe we should put more effort.

  • Lee

    I laughed out loud at your last sentence, haha! I just can’t imagine you as a fashion blogger it will be so weird! love the OOTDs though keep it up! Audrey has great fashion sense 🙂

  • Nielsy

    I love the style, keep the good work.

  • audrey (not fourfeetnine)

    Keep up the good work!! Looking very stylish& cool. I like how down to earth your blog is.!!

  • Vy

    Well, you are quite the “influencer”… =)

  • Brenda

    I honestly do not think your new look will do any good for you professionally or socially. Sorry Tim =( This kind of style is for young men under 30 and you just appear to be trying too hard. You can change your style but just not this style! *Honest opinion*

  • Anonymous

    it’s not gay, it’s metrosexual..:)