Things Shorty & Fatty Say #335: Missing breast pump



We’re on the plane to Tokyo when suddenly Shorty goes:

Shorty: NOOOOOO!!!

Me: What what?

Shorty: NOOOO NO NO NO!!!

Me: What?!

Shorty: I think I remember what I forgot to bring now.

Me: What?

Shorty: My breast pump.

Me: WHAT?! (This is a big deal because Shorty is still breastfeeding so she needs to pump milk twice a day or her boobs will explode).

Shorty: I remember packing it into the bag last night but I took it out this morning to pump again before we left for the airport and I can’t remember if I put it back.

Me: Great.

Shorty: I guess you’re going to have to suck the milk out Fats…

Me: NO!

Shorty: What do you mean No? George did it for his wife.

Me: He did? Why?

Shorty: She had a blocked duct or something so he had to unblock it.

Me: Yes.. that’s a blocked duct. You’re asking me to suck out two full milk bottles of milk. That’s more than Fighter drinks at one go. NO!

Shorty: You gonna have to.

Me: NO! You’re just going to have to buy a manual pump.

When we landed and got our check-in bags she quickly opened it to look for the pump.

Me: So?

Shorty: So when do you want to start sucking it out Fats?

Me: NO!

Shorty: HAHA Joking la.. it’s here.

Me: -___-

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  • ahlost

    HAHAHAHAHA !! good #335 to kill monday blues.. 😀

  • alisonong

    ‘Twas funny even though I read it on Dayre already hahahaha!

  • js


  • A Walk With Aud

    lol~ this is so damn funny! lol

  • Farah

    Haha, you guys are just so perfect together! I’m one of your biggest fans (a bigger fan of Fighter though) and I applaud you for being such a wholesome person, entrepreneur and above all a great family man. I wish one day when you have some time to spare, you could share with your readers how do you build your networking! It’s so refreshing to see a successful self-made  young man such as you. I hope one day I could follow your footsteps to find one of the biggest startups in Malaysia 🙂

  • LizAkina

    LOL!! This is hillarious!!