Hey Jude

For those of you who don’t remember… Fighter’s real name is Jude. Heh… sometimes I even forget that. When people see me with him and ask me “What’s his name?”, I often go “Fighter”…  and then they ask me “Serious?”

And I pause for a while before I say “Jude”.

We named him Jude after the famous Beatles song. Shorty is a big Beatles fan and she likes Jude because it’s a fairly uncommon name in Malaysia and it’s not too pretentious a name. A simple name.

One of the things Shorty has always done for him is sing “Hey Jude” to him. The first time was when he was still with tubes and a mask over him in an incubator.

She felt that the song made him feel more calm and relaxed. Call it Mother’s Instinct or what but I agree with her. Not just that, her singing makes me… the Daddy… more calm too. Heh.

Just last week Shorty and I were putting him to bed. Our routine now is that Shorty will play Fighter the song “Hey Jude” from a music box a friend gave us. I took this video of it.

He seemed much more happy and active rather than sleepy but that’s my boy.

Fifteen minutes later… he was fast asleep.

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  • ahlost

    hey Jude *hugsssss*

  • Wendy

    I have been following your blog & fourfeetnine since the day you gave Aud her surprise birthday party to your meme proposal, wedding, pregnant, Fighter in the incubator and now Fighter being a big boy. I am so happy for both of you and I am so touched watching day by day Fighter growing bigger & healthier compared to when he was in the incubator. :~) *hugs Fighter tightly*

  • Aicha

    I want to take care of Fighter so bad! :) Straight up one of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen anywhere