Nuffnang Food Fest 2013 – The First Tw(eat) Fest

Last Saturday Shorty and I took some time off taking care of Fighter and attended one of the most fun events we’ve been to in a year: The Nuffnang Food Fest. It’s the first event of its kind in Malaysia that used social media currency… that means all you had to do was tweet a vendor and you would get free food.

The stores we had there (vendors) ranged from big brands like Yakult, Nandos or Chatime to more indy kind of food brands like SS2 Goreng Pisang or even popular new ones like MyBurgerLab.


It was so much fun. Here are some pictures I took that day.

This was how crowded it was. People lining up for food with their smartphones in their hand ready to tweet.


This is some liquid nitrogen ice-cream I got from a new place called NBrew. They have an outlet in Sunway Pyramid.


This the people at NBrew making my liquid nitrogen ice-cream. I assumed that the guy here is the entrepreneur behind this brand just solely from the passion he seemed to have when talking about NBrew.


There were loads of other ice-cream shops too. I like this one called Cielo Dolci. They had a variety of very different ice-cream flavours ranging from Nasi Lemak to Tau Fu Fah.


I loved their Tau Fu Fah and their Coconut with Gula Melaka. You can find them any other day at Paradigm Mall.

Maggi had a booth at Nuffnang Foodfest too and this human sized packet greeted you right outside. I saw loads of people taking pictures with it.


Me with the people at SS2 Goreng Pisang.


I thought SS2 Goreng Pisang was a cool story. It was a well-known family business started long ago… then the daughter (the one in red) decided to come out and expand the business so they opened up a store in 1-Utama. Plus she started going into social media to help market their Goreng Pisangs. Cool huh.

Here is the first store that Shorty got food from. It’s called Niko Niko Onigiri.


And yes that is the back of Shorty’s head right in front of the picture here. I had no idea what onigiri was before today until Shorty carefully explained it to me. It’s like Japanese rice with salmon or chicken teriyaki wrapped in seaweed to look like a sandwich or something.

I took this picture in the middle of the afternoon while looking at the skies. Why? Because a few days before the weather forecast for Saturday afternoon was rainy with a chance of thunderstorm. We were like whaaat… if it rained it would totally mess up the whole thing. So what we ended up doing was hiring a “bomoh” (sort of like a Witch Doctor) to help keep the rain away from our event. Apparently I hear this is common practice only in Malaysia and when I tell people from overseas about this they’re like “Whaat?”.


So at the point I took this picture I was looking at the sky. There were dark clouds building up in the distance and I was a little concerned. But the whole evening flew by without rain. So I guess to some extent… the Bomoh worked.


Shorty was super popular at the event. The minute she stepped in, people were all asking to take pictures with her one by one. Some surprised and how really small and cute she actually looked in real life. This is her giving one of her readers an autograph.


So that’s about all the pictures I took at the Nuffnang Food Fest. It was the first of its kind and a huge success with over 5,000 tweets and an estimated 2,000-3,000 attendees within just those few hours. Our hashtag for Nuffnang Food Fest #NNFoodFest was the Top Trend on Twitter for the rest of the day.


Did any of you guys go for Nuffnang Food Fest? Tell me what you thought about it.


Oh and if you missed Nuffnang Food Fest, there’s ChurpOut 2013 coming up in two weeks. Don’t miss that.

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  • FlapJacq

    I did! it was awesomeeeeeee. NEXT YEAR MUST HAVE IT AGAIN!!!!! With more food and space this time ;))) HAHA! (My primary school used to call a bomoh to make sure theres no rain during hari sukan last time. lololol)

  • Amelia

    Actually it’s common to hire a bomoh in Indonesia for outdoor events as well ๐Ÿ˜€ nnAnd… nasi lemak and tau fu fah ice cream!! I so wanna try them! Hahaha awesome event btw ๐Ÿ˜€

  • LihLih

    I didn’t get to meet you and Audrey! T_____T so sad..nbut it was great event! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • FiSh

    I love the makan part, but didnt stay longer for the photography talk by Brian coz of the massive crowd. It’s a great idea to have a tweat fest like this one, but parking at sunway is really challenging. Anyway I hope NN can have such happening fest again next year! ๐Ÿ˜€