April Fool’s Day Prank at Nuffnang and ChurpChurp office in KL

So yesterday was April Fool’s Day. When I got to the office door this is what I saw.


And when I walked into the office this is what I saw.


We had been pranked. The pranksters even dressed up some balloons to make it look like me.


Somehow these days anything with a face and a mole right above the upper lip is supposed to be me.

The pranksters wrapped up the workstations of some of the tech team with plastic with an error 504 since that’s the error people get when the site is down.


They wrapped up all the stuffed toys in the office together. Including my minion.


They filled up our water dispenser with some weird disgusting tasting drink that is supposedly a combination of salt, sprite and some other stuff.


They filled up the sink with a condom balloon and put some little fish in there.


They filled our toilet tanks up with coffee so when we flushed it would look at brown!


They rearranged the keys of our keyboards.


And when our mouse didn’t work we realized it was because they taped this right below it, blocking the sensor.


Speaking of sensors, they even taped the finger print sensor that we use to enter the office so that it wouldn’t work when the first people tried to get in.


It was the most elaborate April Fool’s Day prank I had ever seen. As for the culprits… after checking our office CCTV we realized the ChurpChurp team had come in the Sunday before when the office was empty to do all this.


The funny thing is that I had actually supported another prank that the some of the Nuffies were involved in but that didn’t quite work out because we didn’t know the ChurpChurp team already had something planned.

Well played ChurpChurp. Thank you for making the office a fun place to work.

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  • Heaventears

    It requires alot of effort for all the pranks! really great job done here churpies~!

  • FuiChen

    wooohhhh !! so creative huh HAHA !! Good Job ChurpChurp !

  • Esther10

    Good job, Churp Churp~ how I wish I can work at Nuffnang and Churp Churp office one say~ there’s so much fun everyday~

  • heng wah

    So much work they did! Good job!

  • JovisJoey

    WOAH! Hard core!!! Lol!

  • thatgirlnamedmandy

    Wah! So much effort! A job well done!

  • heryuan

    that’s so awesome! creative! 😀

  • Z

    Where do you get your MINIONS??!!

  • Seraph

    Omg! U have that cute nippon paint plushie! And also the minions! Can i have them? XbnGreat prank by churp churp!

  • ahlost

    omgosssshh.. the cleaner is so going to hate them.. hahaha..

  • caiyun

    haha, the best prank i ever know!