Our Actual Day Wedding Video

Some 6 months after our wedding, Crazy Monkey Studios managed to work through their workload and come up with our Actual Day Wedding Video. It is the 3rd and last installment of all the videos they were going to do for us. The first was our proposal.

The second was our Registration of Marriage Ceremony (Meme proposal sequel).

And the third video here shows snapshots of our wedding weekend.

From the Registration of Marriage on the Friday to the Tea Ceremony on Saturday morning and the final wedding dinner on Saturday night. SK from Crazy Monkey Studios said that of the 3, the Actual Day wedding video was his least favourite because it’s long and he doesn’t like long videos. Nevertheless Shorty and I loved that it was long and wishes it was even longer actually… so we could relive more of our wedding day through it.

Thank you Crazy Monkey Studios for making 3 of the most wonderful videos that a newly married couple can ever ask for. Thank you for helping us keep and relive our memories.

Crazy Monkey Studio’s Twitter and FB Page.

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  • Ee Lin

    OMG I teared watching the video!!! So happy for you and Audrey! 🙂

  • chicvalley

    omg! so touching! :’)

  • Anonymous

    Lovely couple

  • Chia Lin

    the top comment for the video: “i will be so freaking pissed if they don’t make it to forever.” You better make it forever!! MUST! nPS: did aud cook you Bak Kut Teh already?

  • Lynn Ng

    One year later and I’m still tearing over the video! =”)

  • yellow

    wedding vows never usually move me but both your and audrey’s wedding vows to each other really moved me to tears as well as your proposal video :’) i wish you and audrey all the happiness in the world!

  • camillaissa

    I’m not really fond of reading blogs and all and also commenting like this. haha. But I just have to say that i have been a fan of the both of you eversince i saw that meme proposal. It still makes me cry until now! I’m always checking your blogs every once in a while and I just love how you both are. So sweet and funny! 🙂 I love the videos!

  • frenos

    Lovely couple.. Be happy forever

  • dianne

    so nice! this is why ever-since I saw their proposal video I’ve been following their journey like crazy:) …and now I see her and she’s absolutely beautiful T_T Happiness forever:))

  • karinasapphire

    I’m gonna cry !! So sweet ! 🙂

  • Sylvia

    So touching !!!!!

  • Drea

    Loved the video! Wishing the both of you a happy marriage and ‘white hair till old’.

  • Alvin

    OMG…u made me who is still afraid of getting married reconsider about marriage

  • Boon Chuan

    this is the couple that i look foward to be one day ^^ U and audrey are just perfect! lots of wishes and blessings to you both and hope for and everlasting love for both of you! =)

  • paris

    Omg crying when i watch the video. Hope you both happy forever 🙂