Things Shorty & Fatty Say #52 & #53: The Amoeba

Thanks for all the encouraging comments in the previous post guys. Totally motivated to do more now. Ok ok will keep Things Shorty & Fatty say up to #100!!


Coming down an escalator, I hug Shorty and shake her side to side.


Me: My little Shorty… this little organism. *ruffles hair*

Shorty: Organism? You mean like an amoeba?

Me: No that’s a microorganism… I just meant any organism.

Shorty:  Amoeba… so I can just split and replicate. *pretends to be an Amoeba and wobbles around*

Me: This stupid Shorty ah…

Shorty: Why don’t you make like an amoeba and SPLIT!

Me: Haha funny girl.

Shorty: Why don’t you put an egg in your shoe and BEAT IT! HAHA

Me: Ohhh!

Shorty: Why don’t you throw your map away and GET LOST! HAHA

Me: Ohhh on a roll huh this Shorty?

Shorty: Why don’t you make like a tree and LEAF? HAHAHA

Me: Quite the joker huh this Short person. All this learn from somewhere or thought about it yourself?

Shorty: Some I read from somewhere and some I made up myself one.

Me: So annoying.


Back at home reading more “why don’t you make like a…” jokes.

Shorty: Why don’t you make like a hockey player and get the PUCK OUTTA HERE… HAHAHAHAHAHA


Shorty: Why don’t you make like a bird and FLOCK OFF!


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