Nuffnang Turns Four

4 years ago on this date, Nuffnang was born!

I like to think that time really flies but sometimes it does feel like so much has happened since Nuffnang started and I can’t believe it’s only been 4 years. I remember more than 4 years ago when I was telling a friend of mine about starting a blog ad network. He kept saying “I don’t think you’re going to have enough blogs in Malaysia.. and even if you do, who wants to advertise on blogs?”

I guess it was a good thing that I was stubborn. Still.. soo much has happened since then. Twitter and Facebook were born… which then led to the founding of ChurpChurp for people who don’t necessarily have blogs but are big on Facebook and Twitter. Remembering the 4 years of Nuffnang, I decided to take a short walk of history into all the old videos of Nuffnang on YouTube.

See if you guys remember any of this.

1) Nuffnang 2.0

This was a teaser video we created for Nuffnang 2.0. In the first year that Nuffnang started we made many many changes to the website. A lot of the changes were with the infrastructure of the site, to make things run smoother and more efficiently. A lot of changes also were cosmetic.

Nuffnang 2.0 was the first time we decided to seriously look at the entire Nuffnang website and improve on it.

Today we’re running on Nuffnang 3.0 and we’re already looking at revamping the whole backend of the site. Take everything apart and build it all over again to make it all better. Eventhough Nuffnang 2.0 looks primitive to us by today’s standards…  Nuffnang 2.0 was still a big step for us.

2) Present from a Nuffnanger

Every now and then we get some presents from really nice Nuffnangers. This was one of the bigger earlier presents we got back in 2007 in our old office. Someone sent us this huge box of snacks…. more importantly Cheezels because we all love Cheezels!

Up till today I still don’t know who sent this package. It was anonymously sent. So to the person who sent it, let me know who you are so I can do something nice for you ok? In return for making us so happy that day.

3) Nuffday Video

On our first birthday, some bloggers made this video for us. The project was titled “Nuffday” , short for Nuffnang Birthday and it was a collaboration between some Malaysian and Singaporean Nuffnangers.

This is Part 1 of it.

And this is Part 2.

Make sure you watch Part 2 till the end. Sheylara sang a really beautiful song about Nuffnang 🙂

Hehehe… Can’t believe all these videos were back from 2007.

Thanks for always supporting us Nuffnangers.

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  • http://ycroxmyworld.blogspot.com zihwye

    i left a comment before (on smth else) but it got eaten up haha. so its gonna seem like im here being insensitive and anti-nuffnang.
    but actually i just wanted to say that although nuffnang isnt working out too well with and for me, CONGRATULATIONS!

  • http://chanraymond.net Raymond

    Happy Birthday Nuffnang 🙂 You guys have worked hard from day 1 to get where you are now!

  • http://kyspeaks.com KY

    incredible journey isn’t it?

  • http://www.hazelnutlife.blogspot.com Leogal

    Congratulations for the continuous expansion and changes~
    It’s a wonderful journey for nuffnang

  • Magnolia

    Happy 4th Birthday, Nuffnang!! May you have many good years to come!! Keep up the good work !!

  • http://jordantan.com JD

    Happy Birthday Nuffnang! Proud to be part of the Glitterati member!

  • http://www.iamthewitch.com iamthewitch

    Congrats on the great achievement and here’s to many more years of Nuffnang!

  • http://www.shaolintiger.com ShaolinTiger

    4 year eh since you, Ming and I sat down and talked about your plans – time flies eh?

  • http://shalny.blogspot.com/ Shalny

    I joined Nuffnang since end of year2008!!!

  • http://nicolekiss.blogspot.com Nicole

    *gasp* is that… my… video?

  • http://www.shahrulhairy.com shahroll photo

    Happy 4th Birthday, Tim!. eh, no.. i mean NUFFNANG! proud to be part of Glitterati and G Plus My also.. =D

    Keep it up hard work! =D