Nuffnang Turns Three !

Today is the 3rd year that Nuffnang’s been around.
To remind myself on what we’ve been through in the first and second year I read the previous entries I wrote in the first and second year of Nuffnang. Then I’m reminded by how lucky I am to still have all I have today: To be part of a growing company, to love the people I work with (ie the Nuffies and our clients) and very importantly to feel a sense of belonging to the Nuffnangers who support us till today.
We posted up an announcement on our Facebook fan page just past midnight today and in half an hour we had like.. 40 comments from Nuffnangers on Facebook wishing us a Happy Birthday in the middle of the night.

Thank you for the wishes guys. Nuffnang’s birthday is something we all share together.
Thank you for helping us do the amazing things we’ve been fortunate enough to do all this while. I feel humbled by your ever-lasting support.
To read our official announcement on the Nuffnang blog drafted by the Nuffies, click here.

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  • goingkookies


    and here is to wishing that you guys have many more birthdays to celebrate!!

  • KY

    it's an amazing ride, wish nuffnang for many returns!

  • Lisa!

    Happy Birthday Nuffnang and many more happy returns! 😀

  • MichLeong

    I can see me! No1! haha. Happy Birthday again Nuffnang! All the best in future tim and nuffies! =D

  • kenwooi

    happy birthday NN =)


  • M-Knight

    Happy Birthday to Nuffnang and all the best…..

  • Myhorng

    happy birthday n congratulation NN

  • lydia

    happy birthday nuffnang~
    Althought i didnt wish it on Facebook, i still support nuffnang!

  • Boss Stewie

    aww thanks guys 🙂 you're all so nais!

  • 薇子

    Happy Birthday Nuffnang!

  • How Jun

    Happy Birthday to Nuffnang and thank you too, for creating this community.

  • Dylan Phuah

    looking forward to more great surprises and events from Nuffnang!