Shagging On A Train Track

I woke up this morning looking for some news to read online.

I went to the usual mainstream sites and then to Digg where I sometimes find some interesting stuff there. This morning I saw one of the Top 10 entries had the title “The Top 10 Worst Places To Get Caught Having Sex”.
Naturally the curious me clicked on it to take a look and they started listing the places, in a courtroom, on top of a police car etc etc, if you’re curious click on the link and go read it.

Anyway I quickly scrolled down to see what the number 1 worst place to have sex was and funny enough it was… on a set of train tracks.Now the impulse thought that crosses your mind when you see something like that is

But well the article came with a true story. Apparently in South Africa, a couple was getting it on on the train tracks when a train started coming their way.

The train conductor happened to see them on the tracks a distance away and knowing that the train won’t be able to stop in time, he shouted at them to get out of the way.

And what did the couple do in hearing the conductor shout at them and the train roaring towards them?Naturally if it were you… you would get the fuck out of there right. You won’t even bother getting dressed… leave your mobile phone and underwear behind for all you care!

Well this couple decided to finish up with their shagging instead and probably hump faster or something. They ended up being run over by the train.

Now so that there’s no confusion if anyone ever thinks of shagging on our local KTM tracks, if the train comes and you hear a conductor shouting at you… you don’t finish up.. YOU GET THE FUCK OUTTA THERE!!!!!

But for the fun of it, lets do a poll. Answer the poll on my sidebar to see first if you would do it on a train track and if you would get the puck out of there or try to finish up if you saw a train coming in. Then compare your results with everyone else who reads this blog.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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